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Pet Organics No Dig Training Aid
Pet Organics No Dig Training Aid
Spray this natural formula on areas where pets are not allowed. They're natural, effective and safe.
Style # 2297066A

Teach pets to stop digging by spraying this safe, natural repellent directly on the off limits areas. They contain harmless essential oils that make treated areas undesirable to pets. Features Harmless to pets, people, plants and grass. Ready to use pump spray. No harsh chemicals. Active Ingredient s Garlic 7 gm , 2% Clove 7 gm , 2% Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 10 gm Directions Shake bottle before using. Spray over entire dug up area from about one foot above ground. Re spray as needed. Caution Do not take internally. Keep out of reach of children. Use only as directed. Do not spray on pets. Should this product fail to perform as stated, return the unused portion to the manufacturer within 30 days, in its original container, with receipt for a full refund. Available in a 16 fl. oz. spray bottle. Made in the USA.

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Pet Organics Off Limits!
A special combination of herbs that creates an invisible shield to keep animals away from treated areas.
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Pet Organics No-Stay Furniture Spray
Furniture spray
Natural formula. Makes treated surfaces undesirable to pets.
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Pet Organics No Mark for Cats
Mark cats
End urine marking safely and naturally with this easy to use spray.
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Pet Organics No-Scratch for Cats
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Pet Organics NO-GO! Housebreaking Aid
Housebreaking aid
Teach pets to stay away from certain areas by spraying this safe, natural repellent directly on the off limits spot.
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