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Calm Down For Cats
Calm Down For Cats
This homeopathic remedy can be administered directly or mixed with drinking water to keep cats calm in stressful situations.
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A harmless, safe, gentle homeopathic remedy. One teaspoon given orally twice daily or in cat's drinking water provides immediate results. Calm Down For Cats is not a drug. It is a natural blend of essence from selected flowers that work gently with no side effects. These essences have been recommended by veterinarians to treat pets with behavior problems for over 60 years. A veterinarian approved aid to help your cat through stressful times Traveling Home Alone In Public At the Vet At the Groomer Etc.. Ingredients Homeopathic medicines lIex Aqui, Impatiens Glan, Helian. Num. and Ornith Umb. all 3C in 13% alcohol. Directions For immediate results administer 1 tsp. twice daily orally OR in cat's drinking water. Amount applies regardless of size or weight of cat. For kittens use 1/4 tsp. Size 8 fl. oz.

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