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Lifegard Aqua Step  UV Sterilizer
Lifegard Aqua Step UV Sterilizer
This Ultraviolet Sterilizer controls the spread of disease, eliminates free floating algae and has a convenient hang on design.
Style # 2297066A

This Ultraviolet Sterilizer controls the spread of disease, eliminates free floating algae and has a convenient hang on design. It also works with all filters. Features include Internal step design directs water back and forth across UV light tripling the contact time through the unit UV Built allows maximum UV transmission and longer bulb life Distribution plate evenly distributes water into chamber Compression coupling and gasket creates water tight seal at quartz sleeve and around ballast cord.

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Lifegard Ultraviolet Sterilizer by Pentair Aquatics
Sterilizer pentair
Ultraviolet sterilizers kill free floating algae in ponds resulting in crystal clear water.
SKU # 5088838
Pentair Aquatics Lifegard Quiet One Aquarium and Fountain Pumps
Pentair aquatics lifegard quiet one aquarium fountain pumps
Aquarium and fountain pump for submersible wet/dry applications.
SKU # 5112250
Lifegard Complete Pond Filter System
Lifegard complete pond
All in one submersible unit beautifies, cleans and maintains a healthy pond or water garden. Mechanical filter removes solids. Biological filter for bacteria growth. Ultraviolet sterilizer to kill free-floating algae. Quiet efficient foundation pump. High
SKU # 5120399
LifeGard Quiet One Pump by Pentair Aquatics
One pump
Offers quiet operation and the option of wet or dry application for aquarium or pond use.
SKU # 5088830
Pentair Aquatics Lifegard All Purpose 6-Way Pond Test Strip Kit
Pentair aquatics lifegard purpose
For salt or freshwater aquariums and ponds.
SKU # 5089980
Pentair Aquatics Pond Thermometers
Pentair aquatics
A pond thermometer is a must for every water garden.
SKU # 5089958
Pentair Aquatics Lifegard UNO Pond Filter and Accessories
Lifegard uno
Complete pond kit and accessories for ponds up to 1,000 gallons (3800 L).
SKU # 5090291
Little Time or Temp Digital Clock/Thermometer
Clock thermometer
A digital clock and thermometer that allows you to accurately measure aquarium water temperature through a remote probe.
SKU # 5088324
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