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Penn Plax Tank Dividers
Penn Plax Tank Dividers
Instantly converts one aquarium into two!.
Style # 2297066A

Instantly converts one aquarium into two Provides a separate area for breeding and baby fish, or separates rough fish. Clear, perforated, plastic film allows for unrestricted filtration and heater circulation. Sets up easily. Simply place plastic channels against glass on each side of the aquarium below the aquarium's metal frame; spread stainless steel clips over frame of aquarium until they hold the channels firmly against the glass; slide the plastic Flo Through divider into position in the channels. For odd sized aquariums, plastic Flo Through divider may be trimmed to size. Intended for glass aquariums, the divider may be used with acrylic aquariums provided that the aquarium is able to fit the divider based on the divider's measurements and that the the edges of the opening to the acrylic aquarium can support the clips needed to secure the divider. Choose the tank divider right for your aquarium Medium for 10 gallon aquariums measures 11 3/8 H x 9 5/8 W Large for aquariums 15 20 gallons measures 11 3/8 H x 11 3/8 W Extra Large for 20 gallon aquariums measures 11 3/8 H x 15 1/2 W Super for 29 and 55 gallon aquariums measures 11 3/8 H x 17 1/2 W.

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Penn-Plax Cascade Bio Sponge
Cascade bio sponge
For use with the Penn-Plax Cascade 300 Internal Filter.
SKU # 5094359
Pro-Balance Spirulina Koi Food
Pro balance spirulina koi food
Ideal daily food for all Koi and Goldfish.
SKU # 5083226
Penn-Plax Gear-Rings Bird Toy
Bird toy
Fun for climbing with colorful, interlocking vinyl rings.
SKU # 5056127
Penn Plax Wooden Bird Swings
Wooden bird
The perfect sized swings for your Cockatiel or Parakeet. The simple design of these wooden bird swings makes them durable and affordable.
SKU # 1841248
Penn-Plax Small Bird Activity Center for Parakeets/Small Birds
Small bird
Parakeet Playground.
SKU # 5083259
Penn-Plax Pearlescent Aqua-Plant Multi Pack
Plant multi
These authentic looking underwater plants will make your fish feel like they are back in their natural surroundings and best of all, you won't have to worry about the plants dying, algae growth or rotting.
SKU # 5065830
Silent Air Battery Operated Air Pump by Penn Plax
Battery operated
This compact pump runs on batteries and immediately goes into action in the event of a power outage. It's like a life insurance policy for your fish.
SKU # 5016474
Small Pirate with Treasure Aquarium Ornament
Small pirate treasure aquarium ornament
Aaarrrggh And, shiver me timbers This here 'ol seadog's got the booty and yar be swimming with the sharks if ye hornswagglin 'im.
SKU # 5133591
Pro-Balance Koi Food
Koi food
Ideal daily food for all Koi and Goldfish.
SKU # 5083225
Penn Plax Undertow Undergravel Filters and Accessories
Undertow undergravel
For fresh and marine aquariums up to 10 gallons.
SKU # 1831375
Penn-Plax Leather-Kabob Bird Toy
Leather kabob
Penn-Plax Leather-Kabob for Large Birds - 14 L x 7.5 W.
SKU # 5094575
Penn-Plax Medium Bird Activity Center for Parakeets/Cockatiels
Center parakeets cockatiels
Penn-Plax Large Bird Activity Center for Parakeets/Cockatiels.
SKU # 5094601
Penn-Plax Medium Bird Activity Center for Cockatiels/Small Parrots
Activity center
Your cockatiel or small parrot will enjoy the hours of fun entertainment this playground provides.
SKU # 5094570
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