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Oxbow Orchard Grass
Oxbow Orchard Grass
This high fiber, low protein grass hay has a sweet smell that will satisfy any sweet tooth!.
Style # 2297066A

Your small pet won't be able to resist this green, fruity smelling grass hay. Veterinarians recommend feeding Orchard grass to small herbivores for its high nutritional content. Mix it will other grass hay for mealtime variety. Orchard Grass also provides a long strand fiber source that is needed to improve the digestive and intestinal functions by stimulating the digestive system. When animals are fed free choice hay, it promotes their natural chewing behavior, which helps prevent molar spurs and other dental problems that are so common in these small herbivores. Recommended for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas and Prairie Dogs Ingredients Orchard Grass Hay. Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein min 7.0% Crude Fat min 1.5% Crude Fiber max 32.0% Moisture max 15.0% Feeding Directions Growing Animals Unlimited amounts Mature Animals Unlimited amounts Feeding Recommendations Orchard Grass can be fed free choice to rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, prairie dogs and other herbivores as an alternative to timothy, oat hay, and brome. Free choice means that the feed is available at all times. If they finish what is given, you need to give them more How long will this 15 oz. bag last Size of pet Hay lasts 2 lbs. 10 days 5 lbs. 4 days 7 lbs. 3 days Made in the USA.

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Oxbow Western Timothy Hay
Oxbow western
Western Timothy Hay provides a long-strand fiber source that improves your small pet's digestive and intestinal functioning by stimulating their digestive system.
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Oxbow Western Timothy Hay
Oxbow western
Western Timothy Hay provides a long-strand fiber source that herbivores need. It helps improve their digestive and intestinal function by stimulating their digestive system.
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