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Garden Song 16 oz. Oriole Feeder
Garden Song 16 oz. Oriole Feeder
This patented feeder will attract the beauty and song of orioles into your yard. Can be hung or pole mounted. Includes an Oriole identification card.
Style # 2297066A

Different varieties of Orioles can be found throughout the United States. Attract those native to your area with this cleverly designed feeder. Includes four feeding stations with flexible bee guards and a built in ant moat. Also has orange slice holders; fresh oranges will make your feeder irresistible to Orioles The full circle perch allows orioles to rest and feed from any position. The orange plastic cover pops off for easy cleaning and filling and the clear plastic reservoir keeps the nectar level visible. This feeder may be hung with the included 6 more often in warm weather or climates. Includes an Oriole identification card. Minimal assembly required. Made in the USA.

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Garden Song Scoop N' Fill
Garden song
The clean, easy and convenient way to fill all types of seed-dispensing bird feeders. 4 cup capacity.
SKU # 5050345
Topflight(r) Fortress Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder
Bird feeder
Contains a Seed-Lock(tm) seed protection system to stop squirrels from eating seed.
SKU # 5088418
Garden Song Hanging Bird Bath
Garden song
This real terra-cotta birdbath will be a beautiful addition to your yard as it helps you attract 2-3 times more birds than a feeder alone.
SKU # 1241632
Ready-To-Use Oriole Nectar
Oriole nectar
Specially prepared to be a one-step solution for your Oriole feeders.
SKU # 5112441
Ready-to-Use Hummingbird Food
Hummingbird food
Contains 100% sucrose to simulate the nectar from flowers.
SKU # 5108398
Garden Song 32 oz. Oriole Feeder
Song oriole
Attract the beauty and song of the Oriole with this specially designed feeder. No-drip design holds 36 oz of nectar.
SKU # 5050343
Instant Oriole Nectar from Opus
Instant oriole
Instantly dissolves in cold water to create 48 ounces of orange flavored oriole nectar.
SKU # 5050346
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