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Dental Chew Balls by Nylabone
Dental Chew Balls by Nylabone
With gently rounded dental nubs to massage gums, help scrape away food and reduce plaque & tartar build up.
Style # 2297066A


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Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit
Nylabone puppy starter kit
Start your puppy out with healthy, approved chewing habits right from the beginning. Three different Nylabones are designed for different stages of your puppy's development.
SKU # 5048248
Pet Sitter Gate by Richell USA
Pet sitter
Perfect for puppies, kittens and small pets.
SKU # 5085160
Nylabone Galileo Bone
Nylabone galileo
Super strong. Designed to stand up to the most powerful chewers.
SKU # 1813294
Nylabone Durables Twin Pack-Petite
Pack petite
Nylabone Durables are designed for powerful chewers. Petite size is for dogs up to 10 pounds.
SKU # 5066515
Nylabone NutriDent(tm) Edible Dental Brush Chews Dog Treat
Dog treat
A nutritious, great tasting dental chew dog treat that helps to clean teeth and remove plaque and tarter while freshening breath.
SKU # 5078645
Nylabone Puppy Fish Flexible Dog Chew Toy
Nylabone puppy fish
Veterinarian recommended toy is specifically designed for teething puppies.
SKU # 5109196
Nylabone Toro Rawhide Chews
Toro rawhide
These natural rawhide chews have a tender and juicy filet mignon-flavored middle your dog will flip over .
SKU # 5118387
Nylabone Bar-B-Chew(tm) Cob Bone Dog Chew Toy
Nylabone bar chew cob
Veterinarian recommended toy provides hours of chewing fun for you dog.
SKU # 5109148
Nylabone? Double Action Chew - Souper Size
Action chew
Durable chew for large dogs features a soft EZ carry Minty fresh center and durable ends for powerful chewers. Dental nubs help control tartar.
SKU # 5081153
Nutri Dent Filet Mignon Dental Chews
Nutri dent
Natural NutriDent Filet Mignon flavor with added Vitamins, Minerals and Omega Fatty Acids help clean teeth, control tartar and freshen breath.
SKU # 5118101
Puppy Teething Rings
Puppy rings
Puppies love to chew and have even been known to chew things that aren't good for them, like wood, rocks, towels and shoes. These teething rings are a great outlet for your dog's chewing urges and help clean teeth as well.
SKU # 5068962
Nylabone Big Chew Knot Bone
Nylabone big chew knot bone
Designed especially for big dogs that are persistent chewers, these Nylabone Big Chews are virtually indestructible.
SKU # 5066511
Nylabone Toro Rawhide Puppy Rolls
Nylabone toro rawhide
A softer rawhide chew made for puppies over 6 months. Enriched with calcium in a puppy-preferred bacon flavor .
SKU # 5118382
Nylabone Big Chews Beef Bone
Nylabone big chews
Designed and made for big dogs and powerful chewers, this bone is durable, lasting and infused with a beef flavor dogs love.
SKU # 5052862
Nylabone Flexibles Triple Pack
Nylabone flexibles triple pack
This triple pack contains Nylabones Flexibles chews in Original, Chicken and Liver flavors. Regular size.
SKU # 5066513
Nylabone Dog Chews
Dog chews
Top Seller Nylabone Chews are a long-time favorite of both dogs and owners. Designed to let dogs indulge their natural urge to chew in a safe, healthy and tasty way. Several types and sizes available.
SKU # 1811144
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