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Just for Cats by Nature's Miracle
Just for Cats by Nature's Miracle
Natural enzymes enhanced by special ingredients remove tough cat stains and urine odor on all water safe surfaces.
Style # 2297066A

Nature's Miracle® Just for Cats tm Stain & Odor Remover is the best known enzymatic cat stain and odor remover on the market. Just for Cats tm liquid contains natural enzymes and a fresh, citrus scent to eliminate the toughest deep set stains Truly a real nature's miracle , Just for Cats tm is designed to remove odors and stains caused by cat spray, urine, vomit and feces from carpets, floors, furniture, clothing, and other surfaces. Safe for use around children and pets and on colors because it's non toxic, non flammable, non caustic and non acid. Safe for all water safe surfaces. Guaranteed by the manufacturer. Instructions Shake bottle well. Before using, test surfaces to be treated for color fastness by applying to a hidden area; wipe with a cloth. If dye is removed from the test area, do not use this product on those surfaces. For odor elimination If possible, first wipe up excess odor causing area with this product. Saturate urine stains. Apply enough to reach urine penetration in the pad and floor. In carpets, this may mean lifting carpet and applying directly to pad and floor. Because of poor air circulation, carpets and upholstery may take up to 2 weeks to dry completely, during which time you may still smell an odor. To treat large areas, use a garden sprinkler can. Allow everything to air dry completely before expecting complete odor elimination. If, after 2 weeks, there is still an odor, this means the product did not reach the odor causing material i.e. urine. Pinpoint odor source by sniffing next to carpet or upholstery and repeat process. For stain removal wipe up as much of stain as possible, then thoroughly soak stain with product at full strength. Wait five minutes, then wipe away stain with a cloth. A stiff bristle brush will help in working out tough stains. If stain is not completely removed, repeat and allow to work for one hour or more and wipe stain with cloth.

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Nature's Miracle Stain & Odor Remover
Amp odor remover
Top Seller Natural enzyme action removes pet accident stains and odors.
SKU # 2011261
Nature's Miracle Dander Remover & Body Deodorizer
Nature miracle dander
Helps to relieve human allergies caused by dog and cat dander. Spray on, wipe off formula.
SKU # 2011641
Nature's Miracle Skunk Odor Remover
Nature miracle skunk
Safely and effectively removes the source of skunk odors from pets, people, clothing and other surfaces.
SKU # 5014754
Nature's Miracle Orange-Oxy Power
Orange oxy
Just for Cats(tm) Stain & Odor Remover.
SKU # 5108708
Nature's Miracle Litter Treatment
Nature miracle
Natural enzyme formula helps eliminate odors and doubles litter life. Powdered formula can be used with all types of litter.
SKU # 1821354
Nature's Miracle Pet Wipes
Miracle pet
Pre-moistened wipes contain an all-natural solution for quick cleaning and freshening in-between baths. Cleans and moisturizes coat and paws.
SKU # 5053871
Nature's Miracle 3 in 1 Odor Destroyer
Odor destroyer
This spray instantly breaks down the odor it doesn't just mask it. Advanced triple-action formula eliminates airborne, fabric and hard surface odors. Features a fresh linen scent.
SKU # 5124922
Nature's Miracle Advanced Allergen Reducer
Nature miracle advanced
Instantly breaks down and neutralizes pet allergens and the strongest pet odors from the air, fabric and hard surfaces.
SKU # 5134179
Nature's Miracle  Odor Control Clumping Cat Litter
Nature miracle
Maximum odor control formula with Nature's Miracle deodorizing, triple-action enzyme system. Quickly destroy tough odors.
SKU # 5081941
Nature's Miracle Training Pads
Nature miracle
These highly absorbent pads make housetraining your puppy quicker and easier.
SKU # 5080465
Nature's Miracle Hard Floor Stain & Odor Remover
Nature miracle hard
Safely penetrates to remove new and existing pet stains and odors from a variety of hard surface flooring.
SKU # 5134178
Nature's Miracle Pet Mess Easy Clean-Up
Pet mess
Absorbs liquid spills and accidents so you can just vacuum them away. Non-toxic and safe to use around children and pets.
SKU # 2012511
Nature's Miracle No More Marking
Nature miracle
This advanced formulation permanently eliminates all stains and odors, preventing your pet from revisiting the same spot twice.
SKU # 5134181
Nature's Miracle Ultra Disinfectant 3 in 1 Formula
Nature miracle ultra
Cleans, deodorizes and disinfects. Effectively kills bacteria, viruses and fungi including canine parvovirus, canine distemper virus, feline leukemia virus, bordetella bronchiseptical (kennel cough) and trichophyton mentagrophytes (ringworm).
SKU # 5124923
Nature's Miracle 1 Gallon Orange-Oxy Power Just for Cats
Orange oxy power
Advanced dual action Orange-Oxy Power Stain & Odor Remover is a fast-acting, super oxygenated cleaning formula with the power of natural orange. The lift action formula instantly activates to permanently remove the toughest stains and odors including.
SKU # 5109520
Nature's Miracle No More Marking
Nature miracle more marking
This advanced formulation permanently eliminates all stains and odors, preventing your pet from revisiting the same spot twice.
SKU # 5134180
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