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Nature's Instinct Barrel of Fun Foraging Bird Toy
Nature's Instinct Barrel of Fun Foraging Bird Toy
Satisfy your bird's natural instinct to search for food with this clever toy. You can hide treats and food inside the Barrel of Fun and teach your bird to unlock the chamber to reveal a hidden prize.
Style # 2297066A

Let your bird observe you load the Barrel of Fun with food or treats and lock its chamber. He'll spend hours trying to solve the puzzle once he knows there's a hidden treat inside. For added foraging fun; hang several around your bird's environment, hide treats in one or more, and let the search begin. Watch as your bird's brilliance blossoms while he searches for food, just like he would in his natural environment. Made of tough polymer to resist chewing. Sized for conures to macaws. Made in China.

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Nature's Instinct Parrot's Treasure
Nature instinct
Parrot's Treasure challenges your bird to work hard to solve a foraging puzzle to reveal an edible treasure.
SKU # 5127754
Nature's Instinct Rain Stick Bird Toy
Bird toy
Bring the soothing sights and sounds of the rain forest home to your pet bird. Tiny beads flow through the Rain Stick to mimic the sounds of your bird's natural environment.
SKU # 5127755
Nature's Instinct Birdie Basketball Gym
Nature instinct birdie
This innovative, interactive basketball gym for birds has a real basketball and hoop. Plus, it automatically dispenses a treat reward whenever a basket is made .
SKU # 5133526
Nature's Instinct Snack Rack Bird Foraging Toy
Nature instinct snack
Hide your bird's favorite treats inside the Snack Rack and you'll be mystified as you observe him solve the cleverly designed foraging puzzle.
SKU # 5127752
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