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Flea Comb with Handle by MiracleCorp
Flea Comb with Handle by MiracleCorp
Soft, non slip grip with stainless steel teeth for thorough flea removal on all pets!.
Style # 2297066A

MiracleCorp combines the secure feel of a soft, non slip grip with functional stainless steel teeth in ABS plastic. Use this comb to straighten the coat especially around the head, tail and paws. Soft and silky coats benefit from regular combing to keep the coat in tip top shape. May be used for flea removal. This comb is perfect for both long and short hair dogs and cats.

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Rake's by MiracleCorp
Rake miraclecorp
Soft, non-slip grip designed for larger dogs with thick fur or dense and double coats.
SKU # 5042236
MiracleCorp Slicker Brush by Miracle Coat
Miraclecorp slicker brush miracle coat
Soft, non-slip grip small slicker brush. Great for maintaining long or short hair coats on dogs and cats.
SKU # 5042233
Pet Skin Mist Treatment by MiracleCorp
Pet skin mist
Ideal to soothe and help heal dry, itchy skin, hot spots, razor burn and skin problems.
SKU # 5042221
Grooming Comb with Handle by MiracleCorp
Grooming comb
Versatile comb with a soft, non-slip grip and stainless steel teeth is designed for use on both dogs and cats.
SKU # 5042241
MiracleCorp Brush with Wire Pins by Miracle Coat
Miraclecorp brush wire pins miracle coat
Soft, non-slip grip and non-binding stainless steel pins penetrate deep into medium to long coats.
SKU # 5042231
Pet Lusterizer & Conditioner by MiracleCorp
Pet lusterizer amp conditioner miraclecorp
This leave-in conditioner moisturizes skin and leaves coats shiny and manageable. Pump spray allows precise application with no waste.
SKU # 5042264
MiracleCorp Double Sided Brush by Miracle Coat
Miraclecorp double sided
Soft, non-slip grip with comfort tips on one side and a bristle brush on the other. The start and finish brush.
SKU # 5042232
Premium Dog Shampoo by MiracleCorp
Shampoo miraclecorp
Dog shampoo containing pure tea tree oil to soothe and help heal dry, itchy, irritated skin. Deodorizes and conditions coat, leaving it fresh free of tangles, and healthy.
SKU # 5042261
MiracleCorp Brush with Comfort Tips by Miracle Coat
Comfort tips
Soft, non-slip grip with stainless steel pins and comfort tips. Ideal for light brushing on dogs & cats.
SKU # 5042238
Pet Shed Reducer by MiracleCorp
Pet shed
Scientific formula reduces excessive shedding and adds essential nutrients to the pet's skin and coat. Easy-to-use, spray-on formula.
SKU # 5042266
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