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Hi-Lite Underwater Aquarium Lighting System and Accessories by Miracle Beam
Hi Lite Underwater Aquarium Lighting System and Accessories by Miracle Beam
The Hi Lite system lets you create a one of a kind aquarium environment, sparkling with dramatic color and light. It's safe to use with all fresh and saltwater fish.
Style # 2297066A

Your options are endless when you accent your aquarium using the Hi Lite Underwater Aquarium Lighting System. Put the spotlight on a bubble wall or a grouping of ornaments, highlight a group of plants, or just arrange them to shine on and enhance the beautiful natural colors of your fish. Kit includes 2 Hi Lite Aquarium modules 1 blue, 1 green; additional colors sold separately , 1 power supply, 4 suction cup holders and one adapter box with ports for up to 5 modules. UL approved. Hi Lite Modules also available to add landscaping to your aquarium. For use with MiracleBeam Aquarium Laser System, Treasure Chest System or Hi Lite Underwater Lighting System. Available in white, orange, or red.

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LED ID Tag-Lite for Cats by Miraclebeam
Led tag lite
Increase your cat's safety at night with this motion activated LED flashing cat ID-tag.
SKU # 5122405
Miraclebeam Cat-Lite Reflective Flashing LED Collar
Miraclebeam cat lite
Increase your cat's safety at night with this highly reflective collar that features flashing LED lights that can be seen up to a half mile away.
SKU # 5121820
Miracle Beam Air Hose and Wire Minder
Wire minder
Keep your aquarium looking neat and well organized by using these accessories.
SKU # 5063474
Miracle Beam Laser Cat Toy
Laser cat toy
This innovative laser cat toy will drive your cat wild Can also be used with fish, birds and dogs.
SKU # 5042862
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