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Midwest Nameplate Kit for Pet Homes
Midwest Nameplate Kit for Pet Homes
Personalize your pet's kennel, crate or carrier with this nameplate kit.
Style # 2297066A

Personalize your pet's kennel, crate or carrier with this nameplate kit. Includes 4 L x 2 1/4 H plastic nameplate Two peel and stick labels Three sets of die cut letters Plastic zip ties to secure nameplate.

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MIDWEST Quiet Time Kennel Beds
Quiet time kennel beds
These synthetic sheepskin beds are an affordable way to add a feeling of comfort and security to your pet's plastic or wire carrier or home.
SKU # 5059306
MIDWEST Universal Tubular Vehicle Barrier
Universal tubular vehicle barrier
This versatile barrier will make trips in your vehicle safer for both your dog and the passengers. Designed to fit most vans, minivans, SUVs and station wagons.
SKU # 5034538
MIDWEST Portable Chain Link Dog Kennels
Portable chain link dog kennels
The one-of-a-kind, patented design of these Portable Kennels alllows for quick and easy set-up in about 30 minutes. And the only tools you'll need are a pair of pliers. Click More details below for a link to view the User's Manual fo
SKU # 5033896
MIDWEST Tubular Crate Dolly
Tubular dolly
The most convenient way to transport your dog's crate whether he's in it or not Constructed of nickel chrome plated, 1 steel tubing.
SKU # 5034865
Stakes for MIDWEST Exercise Pens
Stakes exercise
Accessories for your MIDWEST exercise pens.
SKU # 5034868
MIDWEST Quiet Time Ultra Plush Kennel Beds
Quiet time ultra plush kennel beds
The silky feel of this faux fur bed makes for a comfy place to snooze.
SKU # 5094483
Wabbitat Cage from MIDWEST
This home sets up in seconds with no tools needed. Durable construction with a slide-out pan and ½ grid mesh floor.
SKU # 5056922
Replacement Pans for MIDWEST Crates
Pans crates
There's no need to buy a whole new crate just because you need a new pan. Choose from models to fit all sizes and styles of Midwest Crates.
SKU # 5033846
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