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Bi-Odor(tm) Waste Deodorizer for Small Animals from Marshall
Bi Odor(tm) Waste Deodorizer for Small Animals from Marshall
Small Animal Bi Odor, 8oz.
Style # 2297066A

Bi Odor tm is a revolutionary product that internally deodorizes small animal's waste, urine and body odors. A few pumps of Bi Odor added to your pet's water makes litter box odors a smell of the past Used and recommended by top breeders and veterinarians nationwide. Use for a naturally odor free pet For rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets & all small animals. 100% all natural Contains a patented blend of amino acids and enzymes derived from mushrooms Used once daily, proven to internally deodorize feces, urine, gas and bad breath Suppresses the putrefaction of food in the gastro intestinal tract thus reducing ammonia and urea nitrogen levels in the blood World's first clinically proven internal urine and feces deodorizer Veterinary tested and approved Ingredients Deionized water, aspartic acid, threonine, serine, glatamic acid, glycine, alanine, valine, methionine, isoleucine, leucine, tyrosine, phenyalmime, histidine, lysine, arginine, cysteine, proline. May or may not contain sodium bicarbonate, hydropropyl methylcellulose, sodium benzoate. Directions Shake well. Mix 3 5 pumps of Bi Odor Waste Deodorizer to 16 oz water. 5 pumps equals 1 tablespoon Add same dosage of Bi Odor every time the water is changed. For food, apply 3 5 pumps per feeding.* It is important not to skip days. Allow time 3 7 days for your pet to adjust to enhanced food flavor. Drastic results should be seen within 1 week of continuous use. If satisfactory results are not seen, gradually increase dosage until odor is removed. * It is preferable to add to pet's water, but same results can be achieved by adding to food. Size 8 oz. Made in the USA.

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