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Content-UM Drops
Content UM Drops
A nutritional supplement that supports feelings of contentment.
Style # 2297066A

A nutritional supplement that supports feelings of contentment in your dogs, cats, hamsters, ferrets, rabbits and gerbils. Contains L Tryptophan an amino acid found in protein in food, which is known to be a precursor of Serotonin that is involved with sleep patterns in man and animals. After animals consume meals containing L Tryptophan, levels of this amino acid increase and this promotes a feeling of satiation and contentment this product aids in replicating this feeling. Drops can be mixed with your pet's food or water. Ingredients Water, Calcium Chloride, Natural Flavoring, Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose, Niacin Vitamin B3 , Inositol, Glycerin, L Tryptophan, Taurine, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride Vitamin B6 , Lecithin, Citric Acid, Sorbic Acid a preservative , Propylparaben a preservative , a Tocopherol Acetate Vitamin E , Cholecalciferol Vitamin D3 , Zinc Chloride, Sodium Selenate. Nutritional Information Crude Protein min 9.0% Crude Fat min 6.0% Crude Fiber max 2.0% Moisture max 3.0% Ash max 1.0% L Tryptophan min 15 mg Calcium min 19 mg Zinc min 0.136 mg Selenium min 0.000275 mg Vitamin D min 100 IU Vitamin E min 0.5 IU Niacin min 26 mg Pyridoxine min 14 mg Taurine min * 15 mg Inositol min * 26 mg *Not recognized as essential by the AAFCO Dog Taurine, Inositol and Cat Inositol Food Nutrient Profiles.

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Content-UM for Pets
Content pets
A nutritional supplement that supports feelings of contentment in dogs, cats, hamsters, ferrets, rabbits, and gerbils.
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