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Eclipse Hexagon 5 Aquarium by Marineland
Eclipse Hexagon 5 Aquarium by Marineland
This fully equipped, 5 gallon aquarium is an impressive way to create an aquarium environment almost anywhere. Includes the patented 3 stage BIO Wheel and Eclipse Filter Cartridge.
Style # 2297066A

The Eclipse Hexagon 5 is the only aquarium of its kind with total 3 stage filtration, including the unsurpassed biological filtration of the patented BIO wheel, where beneficial bacteria work to remove more toxic ammonia and nitrite with every turn. All filtration media is inside the hood, so there are no hoses, filter boxes or noisy air pumps. This system silently aerates and filters the water 7 times an hour, to keep it sparkling clean and clear. The unique hexagonal acrylic tank offers leak proof durability and a panoramic 360 degrees of prime viewing area. A contoured light hood houses a 15 watt incandescent lamp, plugs into any standard household outlet, and includes a convenient front access port for easy feeding. Additional Eclipse Filter Cartridges are also available sold separately. Eclipse Hexagon 5 Features Distinctive Hex Surround Design Provides a panoramic 360 degrees of prime viewing area. Eclipse Filter Cartridge and BIO Wheel Ensure easy installation, easy operation. Cartridge comes preassembled and changes in seconds. BIO Wheel never needs replacing. Compact 15 watt Illumination Incandescent 15 watt lamp. Molded moisture resistant collar prevents corrosion at the socket. Hinged Hood Panel Opens effortlessly for stress free feeding, maintenance, and media changes. Safe, Silent Epoxy Sealed Motor Silently pumps water through the system and requires no maintenance, no oiling. Dimensions 13 W x 11.25 W x 15.5 H.

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Marineland Rite-Size Filter Pads
Rite size
Specially designed to prolong filter media life by trapping small dirt particles to reduce premature clogging.
SKU # 1832739
Marineland Filter Foam
Filter foam
Provides large surface area for trapping particulate debris.
SKU # 5120428
Marineland Bio-Wheel Assembly Replacement
Bio wheel
Bio-Wheel assembly replacement parts for Penguin filters.
SKU # 5094904
Tidepool Wet/Dry Filter and Accessories by Marineland
Tidepool wet
A complete under-the-tank wet/dry system using patented Bio-Wheel technology.
SKU # 5037023
Marineland Bubble Wand
Bubble wand
Bubble wands aerate with even-flowing, shimmering bubbles. Includes suction cups for convenient placement. Ideal for freshwater aquariums.
SKU # 5086670
Magnum Canister Filter 350gph by Marineland
Use in a freshwater or marine aquarium to achieve crystal clear water. Powerful yet quiet operation.
SKU # 5037060
Marineland Penguin Bio-Wheel? Aquarium Power Filters
Penguin bio wheel
For a crystal clear, healthy aquarium. For freshwater and marine. Offers superior biological filtration.
SKU # 5089869
H.O.T. Magnum Compact Hang-On Tank Filter by Marineland
O magnum compact hang tank filter
Hangs directly on the back of the aquarium. Combines the power, quiet performance and versatility of MAGNUM canister filtration with the convenience and simplicity of a power filter.
SKU # 1832463
Polishing Filter Pads
Polishing filter
Screen out fine particulate dirt and debris.
SKU # 5120491
Emperor Rite-Size E Power Filter Replacement Cartridges
Emperor rite size
Emporer 4-pack Filter Cartridges provide complete mechanical and chemical aquarium filtration. Contains two full ounces of premium grade Black Diamond activated carbon.
SKU # 1832842
Eclipse System 12 Aquarium by Marineland
Eclipse system aquarium
Unique combinations of beauty, precision and 3-stage BIO-Wheel filtration efficiency, the Eclipse Aquarium Systems are fascinating showpieces for home or office or anywhere. Twelve gallon capacity.
SKU # 5036602
Eclipse System 6 by Marineland
Features the patented BioWheel filtration system in a curved front, 6 gallon, acrylic tank. Certified flow rate of 75 GPH.
SKU # 2831427
Eclipse System 3 Aquarium by Marineland
Eclipse system aquarium
Features patented BioWheel filtration in a curved front, 3 gallon, acrylic aquarium. Certified flow rate of 35 GPH.
SKU # 2831438
Marineland Multi-Stage Canister Filters
Stage canister
These filters feature complete 3-stage filtration, virtually no bypass and work with freshwater or marine aquariums. For 30, 55, and 100 gallon aquariums.
SKU # 5119414
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