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Marina 5.5 Gallon Goldfish Starter Kit
Marina 5.5 Gallon Goldfish Starter Kit
This ultra sleek, 5.5 gallon tank fits perfectly in a home or office.
Style # 2297066A

This ultra sleek, 5.5 gallon tank fits perfectly in a home or office. Good for up to four 1.5 2 long goldfish. Comes complete with Two artificial plants Stingray 5 underwater filter UL listed Flake food Water conditioner Tank can be set up quickly as an ideal environment for your goldfish. Small feet and a trendy curved front styling, a contemporary hood UL listed , plus two bright colors to choose from, make this a great choice for desktop or kid's room. Free care instructions included. Fully assembled, tank measures 17W x 18 1/2H x 10 1/4D. Manufacturer offers a two year guarantee. Note Kit does not include a light.

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Marina EcoScaper Variety Pack
Variety pack
This multi pack will bring your aquarium to life with movement and color your fish will really appreciate.
SKU # 5107832
Marina Goldfish Starter Kit
Starter kit
Set up an attractive small aquarium for your pet goldfish, in a trendy curved-front style.
SKU # 5088396
Marina Micro LED Lights, Light Set, & Hub
Micro led lights
These lighting accessories are a great way to light up your small Marina acrylic aquariums (sold separately).
SKU # 5112501
Marina Light Unit
Light unit
Fits all Marina goldfish and betta kits and Living World Small Pals Pens.
SKU # 5082693
Marina AquaScaper Variety Pack
Aquascaper variety pack
The AquaScaper pack gives your aquarium more than enough curb appeal to make the neighbors jealous.
SKU # 5107831
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