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Mardel DriTail&reg for Small Animals
Mardel DriTail&reg for Small Animals
Dritail for Small Animals, 1 oz.
Style # 2297066A

DriTail® is a diarrhea treatment wet tail for hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats and guinea pigs. Symptoms include diarrhea, wet or matted tail, dehydration and obvious changes in appearance or behavior. May be added to drinking water or administered with included oral dropper for use on hamsters and guinea pigs only. Do not use on non rodents such as rabbits. Contains Neomycin sulfate equivalent to not less than 20 mg/ml Neomycin base. Easy to give with included graduated dropper or simply add to your pet's water. Packaged in a plastic bottle with screw tight lid. 1 fl oz. Made in the USA.

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Mardel? LivepH pH Monitor - 3 Pack
Liveph monitor pack
This in-tank pH monitor takes test strip water monitoring into your aquarium.
SKU # 5110086
MarOxy from Mardel Labs
Maroxy labs
Controls true fungus and is effective against bacteria.
SKU # 5033455
Mardel? Live NH3 Ammonia Monitor - 3 Pack
Live ammonia
This in-tank ammonia monitor takes test strip water monitoring into your aquarium.
SKU # 5110082
Mardel Maracyn-Two
Maracyn two
Antibiotic for controlling gram negative internal and external bacterial infections.
SKU # 5033492
Mardel Maracyn
Broad spectrum antibiotic treatment against gram positive bacterial and fungal diseases of fish.
SKU # 5033452
Mardel Vitaflight for Birds
Vitaflight birds
Vitaflite for Birds, 20 Gram.
SKU # 2041058
Marplex from Mardel
General purpose water conditioner. Detoxifies ammonia, removes chlorine and replaces the natural slime coat of fish. Safe for use in fresh or saltwater.
SKU # 5071676
Mardel Tetracycline
Antibiotic tablets recommended for the treatment of Popeye, fin and tail rot, gill disease and secondary infections.
SKU # 5071518
Ornabac Daily Bird Supplement
Bird supplement
Ornabac 15 gms.
SKU # 2041057
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