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Biospheres Stress Therapy from Mardel
Biospheres Stress Therapy from Mardel
Revolutionary new microsphere treatment reduces stress and aggressive behavior and restores damaged skin and slime coating. Safe for use in fresh and salt water.
Style # 2297066A

Biospheres Stress Therapy is formulated with positively charged microspheres that are instantly attracted to the naturally negative charge of aquatic life, so that it treats the fish, not the water. The ingredient chitosan acts as a binding agent so that the microspheres adhere to the affected areas of the fish and release the natural calming agents passion flower, valerian and tryptophan. The chitosan also helps heal damaged areas and restore the protective slime coating. Active Ingredients Calming agents Passionflower and Valerian extracts; Tryptophan. Healing agents Chitosan. Instructions Shake well before use. For new fish Add 1 capful 10mL per 10 gallons of water once a day for three days. To calm aggressive fish Add 1 capful 10mL per 10 gallons of water twice a week until aggression decreases. Do not treat for more than 4 weeks. Please note Biosphere Stress Therapy does not dechlorinate the water. It is formulated as a fish treatment, rather than a traditional water conditioner. It will not affect the biological filter. Made in the USA.

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Mardel? LivepH pH Monitor - 3 Pack
Liveph monitor pack
This in-tank pH monitor takes test strip water monitoring into your aquarium.
SKU # 5110086
Brite N' Clear? Water Conditioner from Mardel
Brite clear
Brite 'N Clear is a water conditioner that safely clears cloudy aquarium water.
SKU # 2031074
MarOxy from Mardel Labs
Maroxy labs
Controls true fungus and is effective against bacteria.
SKU # 5033455
Mardel? Live NH3 Ammonia Monitor - 3 Pack
Live ammonia
This in-tank ammonia monitor takes test strip water monitoring into your aquarium.
SKU # 5110082
Maracide from Mardel Labs
Maracide labs
Liquid effective against ick, trichodina, chilodinella and related parasites. With Biospheres® spot-on technology so it is automatically attracted to the fish.
SKU # 5033453
CopperSafe from Mardel Labs
Coppersafe labs
Unique non-staining liquid controls parasites.
SKU # 5033457
Mardel Maracyn-Two
Maracyn two
Antibiotic for controlling gram negative internal and external bacterial infections.
SKU # 5033492
Mardel Clipit Bird Treat Holder 2 pk
Bird treat
Clipit Bird Treat Holder 2 pack.
SKU # 2441036
Maracyn Plus&reg Biospheres AntiBacteria Therapy from Mardel
Maracyn plus amp
A broad spectrum antibiotic for controlling the bacteria that cause mouth fungus, fin and tail rot, Popeye, dropsy and ulcers. Safe for use in fresh and saltwater.
SKU # 5033491
Mardel Ammonia Test Strips
Test strips
Ammonia test strip refills for your Mardel Master Test Kit (also available, sold separately).
SKU # 5071512
Mardel DriTail&reg for Small Animals
Small animals
Dritail for Small Animals, 1 oz.
SKU # 2051018
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