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Daisy Dog Harness/Lead
Daisy Dog Harness/Lead
A nylon harness and lead in one that's perfect for smaller sized dogs.
Style # 2297066A

A nylon harness and lead in one that's perfect for smaller sized dogs. Harness is easily adjustable to accommodate different chest sizes. Lead attaches to harness with a swivel has swivel hardware to reduce tangling. Each harness/lead is accented with a white daisies. Lead portion measures 33.5 L including handle , harness portion measures 14 L with an chest adjustment from 3.5 in diameter to 8 in diameter. All measure 3/8 W.

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Lil' Paw(tm) Nylon Flower Lead
Nylon lead
Bring out your pint-sized pup's inner flower child with this bright and bold nylon lead reminiscent of the 60's.
SKU # 5128902
Lil' Paw(tm) Adjustable Argyle Comfort Harness
Adjustable argyle
Walk your pint-sized pup in preppy argyle style .
SKU # 5129002
Lil' Paw(tm) Adjustable Comfort Harness with Polka-Dots
Adjustable comfort harness
Cheery and playful, this polka-dotted nylon comfort harness will add the perfect blend of style and fun to your dog's daily walks.
SKU # 5129050
Lil' Paw(tm) Reflective Nylon Comfort Harness
Reflective nylon
Keep your pint-sized pooch safe without sacrificing an ounce of style. Vibrant, reflective nylon comfort harness guarantees your dog will stand out in the dark of night.
SKU # 5129026
Lil' Paw(tm) X-Small Retractable Lead
X small retractable lead
Make walks with your petite pooch easy without the confines of a traditional lead.
SKU # 5128522
Lil' Paw Pink Striped Adjustable Dog Collar
Pink striped
Perfect size collar for toy breeds. 3/8''W Pink Striped Adjustable Dog Collar (for necks 8''-12'', and weight up to 10 lbs.).
SKU # 5109372
Lil' Paw(tm) Reflective Nylon Collar
Reflective nylon collar
Be safe and look great Bright, reflective nylon collar guarantees that your dog will stand out in the dark of night. Perfectly sized for the petite dog.
SKU # 5129027
Lil' Paw(tm) Adjustable Comfort Harness with Bones
Adjustable comfort harness bones
Let everyone know who's the baddest dog in the park with a harness that says it all and has the bones to prove it.
SKU # 5129053
Lil' Paw(tm) Faux Croc Leather Lead
Faux croc
Faux croc leather lead is the perfect accessory for the pint-sized, four-legged fashionista.
SKU # 5129250
Lil' Paw 3/8''W Pink Floral Adjustable Dog Collar
Pink floral adjustable
Perfect size collar for toy breeds. 3/8''W adjustable dog collar (for necks 8''-12'', and weight up to 10 lbs.).
SKU # 5109371
Lil' Paw(tm) Polka-Dot Nylon Lead
Dot nylon
Add some style and flare to your petite-sized dog's daily walks with these colorful, nylon leads with vibrant and cheerful polka-dots.
SKU # 5128904
Lil' Paw Dog Tie Out
Tie out
A 10' tie-out for the petite dog.
SKU # 5108833
Lil' Paw(tm) X-Small Striped Lead
Striped lead
Take your petite-sized pooch on her walk in a striped, sassy style .
SKU # 5129006
Lil' Paw Flower Pattern Dog Lead
Dog lead
A stylish lead for your fashion-forward pooch.
SKU # 5108837
Lil' Paw(tm) Rhinestone Collar Charms
Rhinestone collar
Add a little bit of dazzle to your little dog's collar with these sparkling rhinestone encrusted collar charms.
SKU # 5128810
Lil' Paw(tm) Leather Comfort Harness - Pink with White Dots
White dots
She'll be hot to trot in her hot pink dots Hot pink leather comfort harness is fully adjustable and perfectly size for the pint-sized pooch.
SKU # 5129025
Lil' Paw(tm) Reflective Nylon Lead
Nylon lead
Bright and fun reflective lead will ensure your dog's safety and stylish looks at the same time.
SKU # 5129060
Lil' Paw(tm) Soft Pink Camouflage Harness with Butterflies
Soft pink camouflage harness butterflies
Your dog certainly won't blend into the background wearing this sassy camouflage harness Make your pint-sized pup the center of attention in Lil' Paw's soft camo harness. Adorned with pink beaded butterflies, this harness makes for an eye-
SKU # 5128554
Lil' Paw Adjustable Harness for Petite Dogs
Adjustable harness
Adjustable harness made specially for petite dogs.
SKU # 5093684
Lil' Paw(tm) Adjustable Striped Comfort Harness
Comfort harness
Sugar and stripes and everything nice this adorable harness is as cute as it is comfortable.
SKU # 5129009
Lil' Paw(tm) Suede Sport Harness
Suede harness
Go ahead, stay active and indulge in the great outdoors without sacrificing your sense of style. This versatile, suede sport harness is as adorable as it is functional. Perfectly sized for the petite dog.
SKU # 5129253
Lil' Paw(tm) Adjustable Nylon Collar with Polka-Dots
Collar polka
Add a little splash of color to your pint-sized pooch's neck candy with this vibrant and cheerful polka-dotted collar.
SKU # 5128905
Lil' Paw Leather Spike Dog Collar
Leather spike
For the tiny dog who wants to have a tough look.
SKU # 5109101
Lil' Paw(tm) Adjustable Comfort Harness with Flowers
Adjustable comfort
Groove to the vibe of this harness's bright and bold neon flowers that are reminiscent of the 60's.
SKU # 5128903
Lil' Paw Leather Dog Collars for Petite Dogs
Leather dog collars petite dogs
Stylish leather collars made specially for petite dogs.
SKU # 5093680
Lil' Paw(tm) Faux Alligator Collar with Rhinestone Charm
Faux alligator collar
Add a splash of flash to your tiny pooch's attire with this faux leather alligator collar that boasts a sassy rhinestone bone charm. Perfectly sized for the petite dog.
SKU # 5129247
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