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Lazy Pet Cat Racket Toys
Lazy Pet Cat Racket Toys
These fabric toys are filled with the crinkly, crackling material cats love. The sound never wears out, and they're washable for long wear.
Style # 2297066A

Any cat lover who's ever left a paper bag on the floor know it's a sure fire way to get cats playing and pouncing. These toys go the paper bag one better, because they're extra durable and much nicer to leave around. Crispy, crunchy crinkle material is sewn into the cat print fabric for house of noisy, crackling fun. Machine washable for added durability. Assorted styles, each sold separately.

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Lazy Pet Ferret Lounger
Ferret lounger
Ferret Odor-Eater Puffy Lounger-Assorted.
SKU # 5087720
Sheepskin Window Cat Perch
Sheepskin window
Lazy Pet's no tools required synthetic sheepskin window perch.
SKU # 1821808
Lazy Pet Kookamunga Carpet Chase
Carpet chase
Lazy Pet's carpet covered rolling scratch toy with a jingle bell and plush pom-pom is irresistible to cats of all ages.
SKU # 1822313
Lazy Pet Tan Faux Velvet Crate Cover
Tan faux
Make your dog's crate more comforting with a stylish crate cover.
SKU # 5100878
Lazy Pet Sisal Roller
Sisal roller
Lazy Pet's sisal covered rolling scratch toy with 100% natural catnip is a feline favorite.
SKU # 1822312
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