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Coarse Mechanical/Biological Filter Pad
Coarse Mechanical Biological Filter Pad
Replacement media pad for Laguna PowerFlo Filter Falls and Laguna PowerFlo Skimmer Filter.
SKU # 5119167
Hagen(r) Laguna Collapsible Pond Skimmer
Hagen r Laguna Collapsible Pond Skimmer
Triangular shape net has easy to access rounded corners, telescopic handle, and soft, fine netting.
SKU # 5079825
Hagen? Laguna PowerFlo 4500 External Filter
Hagen Laguna PowerFlo 4500 External Filter
External filter tackles the problems of cloudy or dirty water with ease. Ideal for ponds up to 1,000 gallons.
SKU # 1834013
Hagen? Laguna Quick Pond Test Strips
Hagen Laguna Quick Pond Test Strips
Accurate water condition results in 1 minute.
SKU # 5081068
Laguna 65 gph Tabletop Micromega Pump
Laguna 65 gph Tabletop Micromega Pump
Laguna TableTop Pumps are ideal for producing continuous and reliable water circulation in indoor tabletop fountains, waterfalls, statuary and hydroponic units.
SKU # 5116870
Laguna Click-Fit Hosing Connector
Laguna Click Fit Hosing Connector
Fits Laguna 1 1/4 click-fit connectors (sold separately) and adapts to barbed fitting for 1 1/2 hose.
SKU # 5116879
Laguna Click-Fit Threaded Male Fitting
Laguna Click Fit Threaded Male Fitting
1 1/4 click-fit connector with 1 1/2 threaded male fitting.
SKU # 5116891
Laguna Click-Fit Transition Connector
Laguna Click Fit Transition Connector
Designed to fit on the output portion of the Laguna PowerJet 2000, 3000 and 5000 water pumps (sold separately) to allow further connections to 1-1/4 (32 mm) hosing or other connectors.
SKU # 5116874
Laguna Click-Fit Y Connector
Laguna Click Fit Y Connector
Installs easily on the output of the water pump and is used to create two water streams out of one.
SKU # 5116892
Laguna Click-Fit Y Connector Adapter/Coupling
Laguna Click Fit Y Connector Adapter Coupling
The couplings allow several attachment options.
SKU # 5116878
Laguna Float Valve with Hose Adapter
Laguna Float Valve with Hose Adapter
Replenishes water loss to keep your pond's water level at your desired height automatically.
SKU # 5116893
Laguna Goldfish & Koi Fish Food
Laguna Goldfish amp Koi Fish Food
Complete balanced diet for coldwater fish. Contains multivitamins, to include stabilized vitamin C.
SKU # 5092232
Laguna Magnetic Pond Water Clarifier
Laguna Magnetic Pond Water Clarifier
Reduces the formation of mineral salts (lime scale) and enhances the performance of UV sterilizers/clarifiers.
SKU # 5116872
Laguna Multi Hose Adapter
Laguna Multi Hose Adapter
Fits any two hoses from 3/4 to 1.5 .
SKU # 5116902
Laguna Multi Hose Adapter with Coupling
Laguna Multi Hose Adapter with Coupling
Fits 1/4 , 1/2 , 3/4 or 1 tubing.
SKU # 5116890
Laguna Multi-purpose Hose Adapter
Laguna Multi purpose Hose Adapter
Adapts to tubing from 3/4 to 1 1/2 .
SKU # 5116876
Laguna Pond Nets
Laguna Pond Nets
These nets are designed to allow easy access into rounded corners. Telescoping handle collapses for easy storage.
SKU # 5021020
Laguna Power Jet Pump Kits and Accessories
Laguna Power Jet Pump Kits and Accessories
Complete kits include Power Jet pond pump, a waterbell fountain head, 3-step jet fountain head, diverter valve, 16' power cord and riser stem with diverter valve.
SKU # 5007275
Laguna Power-Flo Bio Mesh
Laguna Power Flo Bio Mesh
An effective filter media that removes particulate waste from pond water and prevents water pumps from clogging.
SKU # 5116826
Laguna Power-Flo Filter Wool
Laguna Power Flo Filter Wool
Wool is an effective mechanical filter media that removes fine particles and prevents other filter media from clogging.
SKU # 5116827
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