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Nautilus SeaSquirt(tm) Fish Feeder
Nautilus SeaSquirt(tm) Fish Feeder
For use in fresh and salt water aquariums, enables the feeding of fish and invertebrates in deep tanks or hard to reach areas.
Style # 2297066A

For use in fresh and salt water aquariums, enables the feeding of fish and invertebrates in deep tanks or hard to reach areas. May be used to deliver foods in suspension or liquid supplements. The graduated tube extends from 21 inches to 35 inches and is marked at each milliliter to enable ease of measuring. Tip has a sharp extendable feeding prong. Holds up to 10 ml of liquid. Instrument is made of shatter resistant polycarbonate plastic and durable silicone rubber. May be completely disassembled for easy cleaning. Usage instructions Before using for the first time, rinse it in warm running water, the dry with a paper towel. It is recommended that any liquid foods, vitamins or chemical supplements be placed in a clean glass or plastic container and the head of the feeder be dipped in the container to extract the products, rather than placing the head inside the actual product, this helps mimimize the risk of contaminating your product should the feeder have not been properly rinsed after its last use. After you have the desired amount of product in a container, draw it into the feeder by using one of two methods 1. For deep aquariums in which the feeder must be extended to target feed specific inverts, extend the tubes to the proper length first, then gently squeeze the bulb at the end of the feeder, place the tip of the feeder's head into the liquid to be dosed and slowly let the bulb expand to draw the product up into the tube. Once you have the proper amount in the feeder, place the head of the feeder into the aquarium at the desired location and squeeze the bulb to release the product. 2. To have the greatest amount of control over the amount of product drawn into the feeder, you may choose to use the piston or plunger action of simply extending the tubes slowly while keeping the unit's head in the solution. Doing so will slowly draw liquid into the tubes. To dispense the fluid, slowly contract the tubes together.

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