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Tattle Tale Audible Repellent
Tattle Tale Audible Repellent
Convenient, battery operated unit helps keep pets from going where they shouldn't.
Style # 2297066A

Tattle Tale uses a super sensitive vibration detection system to keep pets from restricted areas. Sets off a two second tone to alert the owner and to startle the pet to get off fast. The tone keeps pets off furniture, counter tops, or any other taboo area. Tattle Tale has a 10 ft. range and operates with one 9 volt battery not included. Dog training is easier with Tattle Tale. Install the 9V battery. Turn the Tattle Tale to LO or HI vibration sensitivity. Put Tattle Tale where you want no animals, i.e. on counter tops, sofas, etc. When this pet training alarm detects movement vibrations, a loud tone sounds to startle the pet. Tattle Tale tattles to the owner about the pet's actions while warning the pet to stay away or off. Most animals learn quickly to avoid the area or areas. Humane, Effective Pet Training. Keeps Pets Off Tables and Counter tops Sofas Beds Plant Stands Garbage Car Hoods Or Anyplace You Don't Want Them to Be. Reduces or Prevents Scratching, Clawing & Climbing. Many Other Uses Camping, Travel, Office Helpful Hints If the Tattle Tale alarm is too sensitive, set to LO or place Tattle Tale on soft cloth to reduce vibrations. Place Tattle Tale Pet Alarm on furniture to protect from pets. Works in any position hang, set or place it anywhere. The slot on the Tattle Tale can be used to hang alarm on doorknobs for use as intruder alarm. Do not use in wet areas. NOTE For better results with smaller pets like cats Place one unit in rear corner of each sofa or chair cushion next to the arm rest. Once animal learns to stay off the sofa or chair, move the motion alarm to another location. Many pet owners use multiple devices for training purposes. Specifications Super sensitive vibration detection system keeps pets from restri.

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