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Hol-ee Roller by J W Pet
Hol ee Roller by J W Pet
These flexible, bouncing rubber toys are tougher than they look. They're easy to pick up and throw and great for both indoor and outdoor play.
Style # 2297066A

We put these Hol ee Rollers toys to the tug of war test and they came out intact every time Made of tough, yet flexible rubber, they bounce, roll, squish, tug and immediately spring back to their original shape. Easy for owners to throw and for dogs to fetch. New Spheicon football style shape adds a new dimension of fun. Available in sizes to suit most every dog. Not intended for use as a chew toy; please supervise pets while playing.

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JW Basic Stay in Place(tm) Mat
Place mat
Sturdy plastic base makes for easy cleaning.
SKU # 5100503
Stay in Place Rubber Mat for Cat Bowls
Stay place
Tired of your cat pushing its food and water bowls all around This non-slip rubber placemat will keep bowls in place.
SKU # 5089623
JW Pet Squeaky Featherlite Catnip Boa
Catnip boa
Exercise your cat's mind and body with this feather boa that squeaks when your cat pounces on it.
SKU # 5121950
JW Pet Clean Water Silo Waterer
Water silo
JW Pet Clean Water Tall Silo Waterer.
SKU # 5094553
JW Pet Good Cuz/Bad Cuz Dog Toys
Pet good cuz
For your little angel or devil.
SKU # 5081321
JW Pet Clean Seed Silo Bird Feeders
Pet clean seed
JW Pet Clean Seed Tall Silo Bird Feeders.
SKU # 5094551
JW Pet Invincible Chains
Invincible chains
Pull at your pup's playful side with these solid rubber chains that weather the rigors of rambunctious play Available in small and large sizes.
SKU # 5067291
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