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Ick Clear from Tank Buddies
Ick Clear from Tank Buddies
The effervescent action of these fizzing tablets lets you know that they're immediately going to work to clear ick from the tank within 24 hours.
Style # 2297066A

Just one treatment of Ick Clear clears ick in 24 hours. 100 tablet supply. Quickly clears ick and protects against secondary infections. No need to raise the water temperature. Active Ingredients victoria green, acriflavine.

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No More Algae from Jungle
More algae
Attacks and prevents algae growth in aquariums in a safer, more effective way. Also retards the growth of suspended algae blooms.
SKU # 5037676
Jungle Pond Ick Guard
Jungle pond ick guard
Quickly clears ick on pond fish. Most outbreaks are eliminated within 24 hours.
SKU # 5073243
Jungle Fountain Block Water Treatment
Jungle fountain block
Help keep ornamental fountains clear and beautiful with this treatment that controls algae. One block treats up to 50 US gallons.
SKU # 5037439
Jungle Labs Quick Dip Pond Test Kit, 5-in-1
Pond test kit
The fast, easy and accurate way to measure five different water conditions with one Quick Dip strip. Kit provides up to 50 tests.
SKU # 5013644
Jungle Ammonia and Chloramine Remover
Jungle ammonia chloramine remover
Lowers toxic levels of ammonia in minutes.
SKU # 5037355
Jungle Pond No More Algae
More algae
Clears existing algae and prevents algae growth in ponds. No more green water .
SKU # 5073138
Jungle Bowl Buddies Fish Tank Water Conditioning Tablets and Fish Food for Bettas or Goldfish
Jungle bowl buddies fish
The fast, easy and fun way to care for your goldfish or betta. Includes fizzing water conditioner tablets and Hikari food.
SKU # 5013838
Jungle? Medicated Pond Fish Food
Jungle medicated
Medicated anti-bacteria and anti-parasite fish foods for ornamental pond use.
SKU # 5089872
Jungle Labs Quick Dip Water Test Kits
S quick
Scientific quality, dip and read test kits give accurate results in anywhere from 15 to 60 seconds. Kit contains 25 Strips.
SKU # 5118572
Oxy Clear Pond Guard
Oxy clear
Quickly clears cloudy water conditions caused by the build-up of decayed organic material, overfeeding and bacterial blooms.
SKU # 5073242
Tank Buddies Parasite Clear from Jungle Labs
Clear s
The effervescent action of these fizzing tablets lets you know that Parasite Clear is immediately going to work to treat parasitic infections.
SKU # 5037648
Jungle Pond pH Increaser
Jungle pond increaser
Raises the pH of pond water when the levels dip too low. Useful in areas of soft water where the pH is unusually low.
SKU # 5073240
Jungle Labs Plant Food Tabs
S plant food tabs
The easy way to ensure your aquatic plants are receiving necessary nutrients, including iron.
SKU # 5044362
Jungle Labs Fungus Eliminator
S eliminator
Clear serious fungus and bacteria fast.
SKU # 5074665
Jungle CO2 Fizz Factory and Accessories
Jungle fizz factory accessories
Creates the CO2 that aquatic plants need to perform photosynthesis. Use in freshwater aquariums up to 40 gallons.
SKU # 5044149
Jungle Pond No More Foam
Jungle pond
Eliminates foam in seconds so you can view the beauty of your pond. Safe for all pond fish, plants and wildlife.
SKU # 5073137
Quick Dip Complete Water Quality Test
Quality test
7 tests in one kit: nitrate, nitrite, hardness, chlorine, alkalinity, pH, ammonia. It's fast, accurate and easy Just dip and read .
SKU # 5124725
Jungle Pond Clear-Zyme Concentrate
Jungle pond clear zyme concentrate
This powdered blend of beneficial bacteria and enzymes helps develop and maintain the biological filter in ponds.
SKU # 5073241
Jungle Labs Start Right Tank Buddies
Right tank
Start Right with allantoin is a multi-beneficial water conditioner that removes chlorine and chloramine, neutralizes heavy metals, aids in cell regeneration and in the additional production of the fish's natural slime coat, adds beneficial electroly
SKU # 5074810
Jungle Pond Water Clear
Jungle pond water clear
Helps to quickly clear the water in new ponds.
SKU # 5037692
Tank Buddies Fungus Clear from Jungle Labs
Tank buddies fungus
The effervescent action of these fizzing tablets lets you know they're immediately going to work to clear up a wide range fungus.
SKU # 5037463
Jungle Pond Anchors Away
Jungle pond anchors away
Removes anchor worms and other external parasites from pond fish.
SKU # 5073244
Lifeguard Freshwater
Lifeguard freshwater
An all-in-one, non-antibiotic, treatment that attacks a broad range of external fish diesases: bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitic.
SKU # 5112301
Pond Start Water Conditioner from Jungle Labs
Water conditioner
A complete water conditioner that makes water safe for pond fish immediately.
SKU # 5037436
Jungle Pond Cleaning Solutions
Jungle pond
Adds and replenishes essential electrolytes and minerals utilized by fish and plants.
SKU # 5089874
Jungle Labs Hole N Head Guard
Hole head
A simple solution for treating hole-in-the-head disease.
SKU # 5074598
Jungle Pond pH Decreaser
Jungle decreaser
Lowers the pH level when pond water become too alkaline. Useful in areas of hard water where the pH is unusually high.
SKU # 5073139
Jungle Pond Insto-Chlor
Jungle pond
Formulated especially for larger ponds to instantly remove chlorine and make water safe for fish.
SKU # 5073245
Jungle Laboratories Medicated Reptile Foods
Medicated reptile
Anti-bacterial and anti-parasite medications to keep your reptiles happy and healthy. Available in six formulas to treat ailments in a variety of reptiles and amphibians.
SKU # 5127513
Jungle Labs Pond Block Water Treatment
Water treatment
Easy, effective algae control.
SKU # 5013645
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