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Impawsters Pink Leather Collar with Hearts
Impawsters Pink Leather Collar with Hearts
Fit for your furry royal highness, this pink leather collar features a contrasting metallic edge and dazzling heart stone rivets.
Style # 2297066A

Color Pink leather with metallic edge and heart stone rivets.

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Lil Paw Pink Nylon Dog Lead
Lil paw
This basic pink nylon lead is a must-have for any chic canine with a touch of class.
SKU # 5100905
Impawsters Pink Webbed Collar with Flowers
Pink webbed
Shower your pooch with a bouquet of flowers pink webbed nylon collar with blossoming organza flowers is sure to get her tail waggin' .
SKU # 5108630
Lil Paw Nylon Collar with Pink Flowers
Lil paw nylon
Show off your dog's sweet side with this classic black collar made of nylon webbing with pink rose flower detail.
SKU # 5100882
Impawsters Red Patent Croc Collar with Paws and Bones
Paws bones
Make your dog the envy of all his puppy pals with this red patent croc collar that features silver paw and bone rivets.
SKU # 5108627
Impawsters Pink Nylon Collar with Sequins and Beads
Pink nylon collar
Your dazzling dog will surely shine in this pink nylon collar embellished with pink sequins and beads.
SKU # 5115968
Lil Paw Pink Nylon Collar with Rosettes
Lil paw
Ring around the rosey treat your barking beauty to the abundance of blooming rosettes flourishing on this pink nylon collar.
SKU # 5100897
Impawsters Plaid Collar with Black Bones
Plaid collar black bones
From the classroom to the catwalk, a red tartan pattern accented with black bone rivets makes a chic, bold fashion statement for your fetching four-legged friend.
SKU # 5100885
Impawsters Plaid Collar with White Bone Rivets
Bone rivets
Does your pup go mad for plaid She'll strut her stuff and hold her tail high wearing this high-fashion collar embellished with white bone rivets.
SKU # 5115965
Impawsters Pink Nylon Collar with Suede Paw Cut-Outs
Pink nylon
Pretty in pink, this nylon collar has a suede overlay that's embellished with delicate paw shaped cut-outs and beautiful sequined beadwork.
SKU # 5126636
Impawsters Pink Nylon Collar with Lace Flowers
Collar lace
Your pup will be tickled pink in this nylon collar adorned with matching lace flowers and pearls.
SKU # 5126604
Red Patent Leather Collar with Rhinestone Heart Charm
Red patent leather
Red patent leather collar with a rhinestone heart charm is a perfect marriage of fashion and function.
SKU # 5116075
Lil Paw Pink Harness with Rosettes
Harness rosettes
Your prized pooch will stride in style with this charming pink nylon harness with rosette detail.
SKU # 5100903
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