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Hikari Sinking Wafers
Hikari Sinking Wafers
Scientifically formulated diet provides catfish, loaches and other bottom feeders with the exact nutrition they need. Imported from Japan.
Style # 2297066A

A balanced combination of nutritious ingredients and the proper blend of vitamins and minerals, including stabilized vitamin C, supports the health, growth and disease resistance of small, bottom feeding tropical fish. Easily digested formula means less waste in the tank. The unique wafer shape allows these fish, who normally gulp their food rather than chew it, easy access to the food. Will not dissolve or cloud the water. Ingredients fish meal, wheat germ meal, wheat flour, alpha starch, soybean meal, fish oil, dried seaweed meal, krill meal, dried bakery product, brewer's dried yeast, spirulina, enzyme, astaxanthin, garlic, DL methionine, monosodium glutamate, vitamins and minerals including stabilized vitamin C Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein 32% Min. , Crude Fat 4% Min. , Crude Fiber 5% Max. , Moisture 10% Max. , Ash 12% Max.. Additives Vitamin A 8,700 IU/kg, Vitamin C 45 mg/kg, Vitamin D3 1,700 IU/kg, Vitamin E 900 mg/kg. Feeding Suggestions Feed only the amount your fish will completely consume within one 1 hour. Care should be taken to avoid over feeding. Some tropical fish resist a new type of food when changing their diet, continued use will ensure acceptance.

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Hikari Staple Koi Foods
Koi foods
Economical daily diet for koi provides excellent nutrition for long term good health and form.
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Hikari? Koi Food
Hikari food
Choose from Wheat-Germ or Gold. Each is vitamin rich, contains stablized vitamin C, and floats never clouds water.
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Hikari Tropical Micro Pellets
Hikari tropical micro pellets
Offers complete and balanced nutrition for all types of tropical fish. If you're looking for an alternative to flake foods, Hikari Micro Pellets are an excellent choice. Imported from Japan.
SKU # 5016719
Hikari Specialty Goldfish Foods
Hikari specialty
A range of daily diets for goldfish to provide outstanding nutrition at all life stages.
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