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Heath Apple Dough Suet Cake
Heath Apple Dough Suet Cake
An all season songbird suet cake.
Style # 2297066A

A no melt blend of suet, grains & apple flavoring. High fat content for year round feeding. All season songbird suet cake. Attracts woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees, cardinals, goldfinches, thrushes, juncos, titmice, warblers, kinglets, siskens, and wrens. Cake measures 4 1/2 x 4 1/2. Size 11.5 ounces per cake.

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Tubular Finch Feeder
Tubular finch feeder
This hanging bird feeder features eight feeding stations.
SKU # 5080823
Stokes Select 18 Squirrel Baffle
Stokes select
This proven and practical accessory will keep your birds and their bird seed safe.
SKU # 5066457
Wood Platform Feeder
Platform feeder
Corn cob and bird seed feeder.
SKU # 5088493
Heath Double Suet Feeder
Double suet
Squirrel-resistant suet feeder holds two suet cakes for double the feeding opportunity for wild birds.
SKU # 5100930
Heath Hanging Squirrel Baffle
Heath hanging squirrel baffle
Stop squirrels from feeding at your hanging bird feeder.
SKU # 5102029
Heath Mixed/Sunflower Seed Hanging Bird Feeder
Heath mixed
Holds 2 lbs. of mixed seeds and has six feeding stations.
SKU # 5092775
Value 10-Pack All-Season High Energy Suet
Value pack season
All Season value 10-pack. Stock up and feed the birds year-round. Made with 100% USDA food-grade beef tallow.
SKU # 5116106
Single Leaf Suet Feeder
Single leaf suet feeder
This beautiful decorative leaf suet feeder holds any standard size suet or seed cake.
SKU # 5080822
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