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Hartz InControl Flea & Tick Shampoo for Dogs & Puppies
Hartz InControl Flea & Tick Shampoo for Dogs & Puppies
Kills fleas and ticks. Cleans, deodorizes, and freshens.
Style # 2297066A

Available in Oat Extract and Fresh Citrus Fragrances. Do not use on puppies under six months old. 16 fl. oz. Active Ingredients Pyrethrins. 45% Piperonyl Butoxide, Technical. 089% N Octyl Bicycloheptene Dicarboximide. 149%.

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Hartz InControl(tm) Flea & Tick Home Spray
Incontrol flea amp tick home spray
Kills fleas and ticks on contact. Also kills flea eggs. Protects for 7 months. Effectively breaks the flea life cycle. Use on carpets, rugs, upholstery and pet bedding. No lingering odor, no sticky mess, no stains.
SKU # 5121581
Quick Wipes Extra-Thick Pre-Moistened Cloths
Quick wipes extra
Quickly cleans ears, paws, tear stains, face and more. Simply peel back the easy-to-open package and re-seal when you're done. Fresh scented wipes are thick, large cloths pre-moistened with a mild, alcohol-free formula for daily use on dogs, cats and
SKU # 5118588
Hartz InControl Reflecting Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs
Incontrol reflecting
Reflects direct light up to 450'. Kills and provides 7 months of protection from fleas, flea eggs and ticks.
SKU # 5121586
Hartz InControl(tm) Flea & Tick Yard Spray
Incontrol flea amp tick yard spray
Kills mosquitoes that may carry West Nile Virus. Kills gnats, fleas, deer ticks, brown dog ticks, and other crawling insects on contact. Kills for up to 4 weeks.
SKU # 5121589
Hartz Soothing Soy Milk Shampoo for Cats
Soothing soy milk shampoo cats
This soothing soy milk shampoo features soybean oil and milk thistle moisture beads to leave cats clean and fresh smelling.
SKU # 5122539
Hartz InControl(tm) Reflecting Flea & Tick Collar for Cats
Incontrol reflecting flea
Kills fleas, ticks, and flea eggs for up to 7 months. Reflects direct light up to 450'.
SKU # 5122269
Hartz InControl Flea & Tick Spray for Cats
Incontrol flea amp tick spray cats
Kills fleas and ticks for 7 days. Kills flea eggs and larvae for over 1 month.
SKU # 5122270
Hartz Mini Mice Cat Toy
Cat toy
A simple toy that will play with your cat's natural hunting instincts.
SKU # 5132191
Hartz InControl(tm) Flea & Tick Carpet Powder
Incontrol flea amp
Kills fleas and ticks on carpet and upholstered furniture. Works at all stages of the flea life cycle. Fresh citrus scent.
SKU # 5121577
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