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Medium Bird Cage or Medium Stand by Vision
Medium Bird Cage or Medium Stand by Vision
From the company that's re inventing the avian environment. Please note The bird cage and stand are sold separately from each other. You must order both (choose from the drop down menu) to receive the set.
Style # 2297066A

Vision bird cages are re inventing the Avian environment Model MO1 is suitable for Budgies, Canaries, Lovebirds, and Finches. Vision Bird Cage Model M01 Simple, easy, snap fit assembly. No screws, hooks or tools required 3/8 wire spacing for small birds Horizontal wire Double doors pivot inward at a 90 degree angle providing free flying birds with a handy landing pad Cage detaches from base for fast, easy maintenance Multi grip perch surface promotes circulation Removable bottom grill Retains waste inside cage Deep base design Exterior access to seed/water cups and perches which allow a non invasive method for maintenance, reducing stress on your birds Debris guard helps retain waste inside cage Includes 2 Green Seed/Water Cups, 2 Waste Shields, 2 Green Perches Dimensions 24 L x 15 W x 20 ½ H Vision Bird Cage Stand Wood grain finish Accessory shelf Sturdy metal structure Fits multiple decors Fits Vision models M01, M02, M11 & M12 Dimensions 22 L x 13 ½ W x 30 ¾ H.

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POWER-GLO Fluorescent Bulbs by Hagen
High intensity light for freshwater or saltwater aquariums promotes coral, invertebrate and plant growth. Ideal for cichlid community aquariums.
SKU # 2431296
Nutrafin Max Goldfish Pellet Mix
Nutrafin max
A mixture of Green Basic and Color Enhancing Pellets for goldfish, koi and other coldwater fish.
SKU # 1031748
Small Bird Cage and Stand by Vision
Small bird cage
From the company that's re-inventing the avian environment.
SKU # 5116263
Prime Total Health Bird Supplement
Prime total health
Vitamins, digestive enzymes, micro-beneficial bacteria and electrolytes. 1 lb.
SKU # 5035938
Particle Clear Water Clarifier
Particle clear water clarifier
Fast-acting formula clumps together minute particles such as sand, silt and suspended algae and allows them to be captured by the filter.
SKU # 5016453
SUN-GLO Fluorescent Bulbs by Hagen
General purpose aquarium lighting for freshwater aquariums.
SKU # 2431301
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