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AQUA-GLO Fluorescent Bulbs by Hagen
AQUA GLO Fluorescent Bulbs by Hagen
Accentuates fish colors and promotes plant growth. Ideal for freshwater or planted aquariums.
Style # 2297066A

Accentuates fish colors and promotes plant growth. Ideal for freshwater and planted aquariums. Made in USA. How much light does your aquarium require Appropriate lighting for your aquarium is essential to create and maintain a healthy aquatic environment. Many factors influence the type and quantity of light required Size of aquarium Fish species and other inhabitants Plant life Filter media Aesthetics To achieve appropriate lighting, a general rule is to have a range of 1 to 3 watts of light per gallon of water in your aquarium, subtracting 10 15% of the tank volume to account for volume of materials inside the tank. Adequate lighting range = 1 to 3 watts/gallon 10% 15% of tank volume For planted aquariums, the quantity of light for faster growing plant species should approach a minimum of 3 Watts per gallon.

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Fluval Foam Inserts from Hagen
Foam Inserts are specially sized to fit Fluval Underwater Filters.
SKU # 5018573
POWER-GLO Fluorescent Bulbs by Hagen
High intensity light for freshwater or saltwater aquariums promotes coral, invertebrate and plant growth. Ideal for cichlid community aquariums.
SKU # 2431296
Hagen Vision Daisy Bird Perch
Vision daisy
Offer your bird a fun, unique perching experience. The ergonomically designed multi-level daisy perch features springs to mimic the swaying motion of branches in nature.
SKU # 1184511
Marina Aqua Glo Incandescent Bulbs
Marina aqua glo
Showcase aquarium bulb provides decorative highlights for your aquatic landscapes.
SKU # 2431039
Nutrafin Max Goldfish Pellet Mix
Nutrafin max
A mixture of Green Basic and Color Enhancing Pellets for goldfish, koi and other coldwater fish.
SKU # 1031748
Brass Bird Cage Chain
Cage chain
Features all hardware components for hanging small bird cages from a ceiling.
SKU # 2441102
Small Bird Cage and Stand by Vision
Small bird cage
From the company that's re-inventing the avian environment.
SKU # 5116263
AquaClear Ammonia Remover Filter Insert
Remover filter
Ideal for new or heavily populated aquariums, this filter removes and controls harmful ammonia.
SKU # 1832673
AquaClear Activated Carbon Filter Insert
Filter insert
This activated carbon filter insert absorbs odors, discoloration and impurities while improving water clarity. Safe for fresh and saltwater use.
SKU # 1832674
Fluval Canister Filter Foam Blocks for Models 104 - 404, from Hagen
Foam blocks models
Provides mechanical straining of particulate waste within the filter. Prevents waste from prematurely clogging other filter media in the module stack.
SKU # 5001370
Exo Terra Reptile Den with Magnet
Reptile den
This unique system allows you to view your reptile while it's sleeping or hiding, without disturbing it.
SKU # 5058803
Cycle Biological Aquarium Supplement
Cycle biological
Keeps fish and aquariums healthy. An all-natural product that releases massive amounts of beneficial bacteria into aquarium. Each dose works to reduce dangerous ammonia and nitrite levels in the aquarium this helps to prevent fish loss. Great to use when
SKU # 2031211
Bio Care Turtle Clean
Turtle clean
The natural way to help keep turtle habitats clean and reduce odors from organic waste.
SKU # 2031360
Fluval Internal Filters from Hagen
Fluval internal filters
These filters provide quiet, efficient underwater filtration for aquariums and reptile tanks. Choose from several sizes for tanks up to 57 U.S. gallons.
SKU # 5018243
Exo-Terra HeatWave Heat Mat
Exo terra heatwave heat mat
The HeatWave Heat Mat can be mounted under the tank or on the wall to provide a safe, conductive heat source for reptiles and amphibians.
SKU # 5058580
Marina Incandescent Showcase Bulbs by Hagen
Marina incandescent showcase bulbs
Serves as a gentle heat source for turtles and reptiles and provides decorative highlights.
SKU # 2431145
LIFE-GLO 2 Fluorescent Bulbs by Hagan
Life glo
Focused natural white light for all aquariums, terrariums and vivariums.
SKU # 5074840
EXO-TERRA SUN-GLO Neodymium Daylight Lamp
Neodymium daylight
Desert and tropical bulb offers broad spectrum daylight for terrariums. Stimulates natural behavior through UVA rays.
SKU # 2431308
Prime Total Health Bird Supplement
Prime total health
Vitamins, digestive enzymes, micro-beneficial bacteria and electrolytes. 1 lb.
SKU # 5035938
Fluval Internal Power Filter Accessories by Hagen
Fluval internal power filter accessories
Fluval Cartridges are specially designed to trap significant amounts of particulate and liquified waste from the water.
SKU # 1832787
Medium Bird Cage or Medium Stand by Vision
Medium bird cage
From the company that's re-inventing the avian environment. Please note: The bird cage and stand are sold separately from each other. You must order both (choose from the drop down menu) to receive the set.
SKU # 5116253
Fluval Carbon Pads from Hagen
Carbon pads
Designed for use in Fluval Plus Underwater Filters. Four pads per box.
SKU # 5018572
MARINE-GLO Marine Fluorescent Aquarium Bulbs by Hagen
Marine glo marine
Promotes marine reef life. Simulates colors of deep marine environment. Ideal for saltwater aquariums, corals and invertebrates.
SKU # 5056554
Exo Terra Night Glo
Exo terra
This lamp simulates natural moon glow to allow night time viewing of your reptile, without disturbing his natural day/night cycle.
SKU # 5058516
Particle Clear Water Clarifier
Particle clear water clarifier
Fast-acting formula clumps together minute particles such as sand, silt and suspended algae and allows them to be captured by the filter.
SKU # 5016453
Hagen Plant Grow Natural System with CO2
Grow natural
This first-of-its-kind system generates the CO2 needed for aquatic plants to perform photosynthesis.
SKU # 5057312
AquaClear Foam Filter
Aquaclear filter
This foam filter insert traps particles and debris and features a tailored fit that prevents bypass. Safe for fresh and saltwater.
SKU # 1832675
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