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Innotek Free Spirit No Bark Collar
Innotek Free Spirit No Bark Collar
Self contained collar discourages nuisance barking without the need for remote controls. 7 levels of stimulation make it suitable for dogs of all sizes.
Style # 2297066A

This water resistant collar offers seven levels of adjustable stimulation so it can be used for dogs of all sizes. Correction stimulus is activated only by the dog wearing the collar, so there won't be any false corrections caused by loud noises or other dogs barking. This makes training easier and more efficient for both dog and owner. Seven levels of stimulation. No external programming or controls. Features a three second relaxation interval between corrections. Collar operates on one 6 volt battery included. Collar is water resistant. Kit includes lightweight receiver, nylon collar, short and long probe contacts for varying coat lengths, battery, and instructions. How it works Excessive or pointless barking can be annoying to you and your neighbors. When the Free Spirit No Bark Collar is correctly placed, your dog's first bark will deliver a Level 1 stimulation. A two second learning timeout follows to give your dog a chance to associate the bark with the stimulation. If your dog barks again, he or she will receive a Level 2 stimulation, followed by another timeout. The Auto Set design automatically increases the stimulation through as many as seven levels until your dog stops barking. The collar is designed to protect your dog from over stimulation, too. If your dog stops barking after receiving a Level 4 stimulation, for example, after a five minute bark free period, the collar automatically sets the next stimulation back one level, in this example, to Level 3 at his next bark, your dog would receive a Level 3 stimulation. Unlike other anti bark collars, the Free Spirit No Bark Collar has no awkward switches or dials. Just power it up and put it on your dog according to instructions. That's it. It'll do the rest all by itself. With a little help from your dog, of course.

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