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Fluker Moss Bedding
Fluker Moss Bedding
Reptiles and terrestrial amphibians love a terrarium lined with all natural Fluker Farms Moss Bedding.
Style # 2297066A

This all natural moss bedding can be used in any terrarium as a comfortable substrate for all types of reptiles. It is especially good for frogs and green snakes. Provides comforting shelter similar to what your pet would seek in nature. Can be lightly misted with water to maintain humidity in the terrarium.

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Fluker's ? Digital Thermometer
Digital thermometer
Measures temperature and humdity.
SKU # 5088639
Repta-Calcium Dietary Supplement from Fluker's&reg
Amp reg
Use this premium powdered calcium supplement as a coating for the foods you feed to your lizards, snakes, turtles and frogs.
SKU # 5047843
Fluker's Repta Vine
Repta vine
Premium quality, silky polyester vines have a natural look and feel and long-lasting beauty. Perfect for plant-loving reptiles.
SKU # 5016440
Fluker's Freeze-Dried Mealworms
Freeze mealworms
These freeze-dried mealworms will be eagerly accepted by insect-eating reptiles, birds and tropical fish.
SKU # 5020444
Liquid Vitamin Electrolyte Spray from Fluker's&reg
Liquid vitamin
A beneficial blend of vitamins, trace minerals, amino acids and electrolytes for all reptiles. Easy to use, just spray on your reptile's food.
SKU # 5047842
Fluker's Freeze-Dried Crickets
Freeze dried crickets
A simple way to provide your reptile with the added nutrition they need.
SKU # 5020318
Fluker's? Green Moss Bedding
Green bedding
All-natural moss terrarium bedding provides your pet with comfort and shelter in a natural enviroment.
SKU # 5020291
Fluker's Repta-Waterer
Repta waterer
The ideal watering hole for iguana, turtles, lizards, and hermit crabs.
SKU # 5089707
Fluker's Porcelain Clamp Lamps
Porcelain clamp lamps
Adjustable fixture for incandescent bulbs or ceramic heat emitters. Constructed with metal reflector, swivel cord and ceramic socket.
SKU # 5009459
Fluker's Ceramic Heating Emitter
Heating emitter
Provide your cold-booded friend with the heated basking area he needs.
SKU # 5074752
Fluker Repta Lawn Substrate
Repta lawn
Create a living lawn of edible grass in your reptile or amphibian's habitat with this innovative Repta Lawn Substrate.
SKU # 5047844
Repta-Aid Critical Care Formula from Fluker's&reg
Repta aid critical care formula amp reg
Formulated to provide energy and fluid support for malnourished, dehydrated reptiles. Complete kit includes feeding syringe.
SKU # 5062214
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