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Fish Mate Pressurized UV+BIO Pond Filter
Fish Mate Pressurized UV+BIO Pond Filter
Give your fish the benefit of crystal clear purified water with this automatic cleaning system.
Style # 2297066A

Combines UV clarification and biological filtration to guarantee crystal clear purified water. Allows for easy installation above or below ground. Colored green to blend easily with natural surroundings. Designed especially to power waterfalls Included filter provides a three step purification process Stage 1 Algae Destruction. By slowly passing the single celled algae that cause 'green water' in front of UV C light, the algae is caused to clump together and start to die. Stage 2 Mechanical Filtration. Specially developed, profiled filter sponge pads will trap algae clumps plus other large particles and are easily rinsed for regular maintenance by using the Prowerclenz automatic cleansing system. Stage 3 Biological Purification. After mechanical filtration, the pond water passes through Fish Mate SUPRA Biological Filter Medium, possessing over 100 times the biological surface area of conventional plastic media. The specific structure of SUPRA enables rapid growth of aerobic bacteria resulting in removal of lethal ammonia and nitrite. The 2000 and 3000 gallon models features POWERCLENZ, an automatic cleaning system providing pond keepers with less pond maintenance. Simply turn the knob to position CLEAN and the foam will be squeezed. The water pressure forces out pond sludge that may then be used elsewhere in the garden as a fertilizer. Certain filter models feature POWERCLENZ, an automatic cleaning system providing pondkeepers with less pond maintenance Kits do not include tubing. Includes Supra Biological Media. 15' UV Connection Cable. 3 Year Warranty excluding bulb on UV models.

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