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AntWorks(tm) Illuminated Combo Box
AntWorks(tm) Illuminated Combo Box
With the AntWorks Illuminated Combo Box, you can learn all about the life cycle of ants! Watch as they live, work together, and tunnel through the non toxic nutrient gel. As they tunnel, a living work of art is created right before your eyes.
Style # 2297066A

Learn all about the life cycle of ants in this Space Age Habitat based on a 2003 NASA Space Shuttle experiment to study ants in zero gravity. Be fascinated by how the ants live, work together, and tunnel through the non toxic nutrient gel while creating a unique sculpture of connecting tunnels and hub centers. Simply insert ants not included into the clear nutrient gel, secure the lid and let the 3 D tunneling show begin Either collect your own ants or order via mail ordering details included in packaging. AntWorks is filled with a highly nutritious non toxic gel into which you prod four little holes to get the tunnel network started. Simply add ants and within days the they will burrow out an amazing pattern of channels, each clearly visible in cross section through the walls of the container. Maintenance is minimal. Besides providing a safe ecologically correct habitat, the gel also provides the ants with food. You simply need to open the lid for a moment once a month to aerate the interior. The included LED Illuminator highlights the tunnels and ant activity while creating a perfect night light in any room. AntWorks Illuminated Combo Box includes Clear Acrylic Habitat 6.5 L x 6.0 W x 1.25 D with Colored Nutrient Gel LED Base with AC Adapter Magnifying Glass Extreme Zoom Lens Tunnel Starter Tool Instruction Booklet with Coupons for ordering live Harvester ants The nutrient gel comes in assorted colors. Please allow us to choose for you. Made in China.

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