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Large Chew-It-Yourself Toothbrush for Dogs
Large Chew It Yourself Toothbrush for Dogs
Only takes 2 minutes every other day! Real bristles clean down to the gum line. Freshens breath. Cleans plaque and debris. Helps fight tartar buildup.
Style # 2297066A

Package includes one chew brush and sample size toothpaste. This is not a chew toy. It is a scientifically designed dental device that encourages your dog to brush his own teeth. Untreated dental problems can lead to periodontal disease, tooth loss and other serious healthy problems. Chew toys and bones can help clean your dog's teeth, but they don't clean down the gum line. The Easy Brush has actual bristles on both sides that remove food, plaque and debris from your dog's teeth, down to the gums. The patented design allows your dog to chew the Easy Brush like a bone, cleaning its teeth as chews. Easy 1 2 3 Instructions 1. Squeeze a small amount of dog toothpaste into top and bottom bristles on one end of the brush. Press the paste deep down into the bristles and wipe off excess toothpaste from surface of bristles. 2. Allow your dog to chew on the Easy Brush for 2 3 minutes of actual chew time, then take the Easy Brush away. Excessive brushing can irritate gums. For best results use at least every other day. 3. Rinse out brush and dry or place in dishwasher to clean after every use.

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Vetrin Canine Aspirin by Farnam
Vetrin canine aspirin farnam
Vetrinis a chewable tablet with a highly palatable flavor base used in the care of arthritic dogs. Aids in temporary relief of pain, fever and inflammation.
SKU # 5067753
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