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Blue Ribbon Small Wonders Ornament
Blue Ribbon Small Wonders Ornament
Create a whimsical atmosphere in any aquarium with this colorful decorative ornament.
Style # 2297066A

Brighten up your aquarium with a fun Small Wonders character from Blue Ribbon. This cool shark with a no fishing sign is hand painted and makes a cheerful addition to any freshwater or marine aquarium. Made of poly resin. Recommended for 1 gallon bowls and tanks 5 gallon or larger. Made in China.

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Octopus Aquarium Ornament
Octopus ornament
Bring the natural beauty and life of the ocean home to your aquarium with this octopus aquarium ornament.
SKU # 5133622
Great White Shark Aquarium Ornament
Great white shark
Great White Shark hand-crafted in precise detail, color and design.
SKU # 5133627
Spider Shell Aquarium Ornament
Spider shell
Add a touch of nature with this authentic-looking spider shell ornament. The soft striping detail resists fading and gives the look of a real spider shell. Safe for freshwater and saltwater aquariums.
SKU # 5123138
Clownfish Aquarium Ornament
Aquarium ornament
Clownfish hand-crafted in precise detail, color and design.
SKU # 5133626
Pirate Clipper Ship Aquarium Ornament
Aquarium ornament
Arrr Matey We're recommendin' these fine pirate ships fer yer freshwater n' saltwater aquariums. Don't be hornswaggled out of me fine pirate booty, aquire yers today .
SKU # 5123139
Mermaid with Seashells Aquarium Ornament
Mermaid seashells
This beautifully detailed Mermaid sits among a colorful array of exotic sea life.
SKU # 5133625
Goldie the Goldfish Aquarium Ornament
Aquarium ornament
Brighten up your aquarium's decor with this adorable goldfish ornament. Safe for fresh and saltwater tanks.
SKU # 5133187
Skull & Crossbones Warship Aquarium Ornament
Skull amp
You'll dream of setting sail toward distant lands each time you look at this Warship Aquarium Ornament, which will quickly become a focal point in your tank.
SKU # 5123162
Kissing Goldfish Heart Bubbler
Kissing goldfish
Love is in the air This pair of kissing goldfish that form in the shape of a heart are destined to sweep you off your feet. Safe for fresh and saltwater tanks.
SKU # 5133186
Large Spiral Shell Aquarium Ornament
Shell aquarium
True to life detail and texture cast in durable poly-resin makes this beautiful ornament safe for all freshwater and saltwater aquariums and for terrariums.
SKU # 5123160
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