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Evercare Pet Hair Pic-Up Mitt
Evercare Pet Hair Pic Up Mitt
Quickly and easily removes pet hair from pets, furniture and clothing.
Style # 2297066A

Quickly and easily removes pet hair from pets, furniture and clothing. Specially designed for hands on grooming of your pet, effectively removing loose hair to reduce shedding. Also great for removing pet hair and lint from fabric, knits and upholstery. Brush surface with the mitt in a sweeping motion in the opposite direction your thumb is pointing. To clean the mitt, simply rub in opposite direction on a dry surface. Mitt measures 9 L x 5.5 W.

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Pet Hair Pick-Ups
Pick ups
Pet hair sticks to this roll like magic. It's a must for every home with pets You'll find a million ways to use it.
SKU # 2011576
Hair Pic-Up Roller 60 Layer
Hair pic
A must have cat supply Roller is a must for any home with pets Quickly lifts away pet hair and lint from any surface.
SKU # 5063705
Pet Hair Pic-Up Value Pack by Evercare
Pet hair
Easy-to-use adhesive rollers are great for removing pet hair and dander from clothes, furniture, rugs and more. Value pack includes one roller and three full-size adhesive rolls. Great for travel too.
SKU # 5067782
Large Surface Pet Hair Pic-Up by Evercare
Effective, easy-to-use rollers pick up pet hair and lint from any surface. Choose from several styles.
SKU # 5067780
Pet Hair Magik Brush by Evercare
Quickly remove pet hair from any surface .
SKU # 5088128
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