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Pear Cactus Feeder
Pear Cactus Feeder
This feeder is perfect for feeding and adding a hint of the desert to your pet's habitat.
Style # 2297066A

Feeder is non porous, which makes algae clean up easier. Algae will not grow into the rock material. Dishwasher safe. Rock material color will not bleed or fade. Cactus feeder measures 2.5 high by 2.5 long.

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Star-Shaped Reptile Feeder
Star shaped
Your reptile will think you hung the moon when you spruce up her habitat with this fun, star-shaped feeder .
SKU # 5101358
Turtle Landing
Turtle landing
Provides your turtle or amphibian an area to warm themselves or rest. Accommodates small and medium turtles.
SKU # 5095747
Soaker Dish for Reptiles
Soaker dish
Offer your reptiles water in this soaking dish designed to realistically blend into their surroundings.
SKU # 5090017
Reptile Habitat Stones and Decor
Reptile habitat
Naturalistic decor perfect for reptile habitats.
SKU # 5089692
Water/Feeding Dish for Reptiles
Water feeding
Offer your reptile food or water in the dish designed to realistically blend into their surroundings.
SKU # 5090019
Reptile Feeder/Water Dishes
Reptile feeder
Natural looking rock-finish dishes blend perfectly with any terrarium. Use for food or water.
SKU # 5095689
Turtle Landing Pad
Turtle pad
Provides a floating island for basking.
SKU # 5111970
SK Brown Tide-A-Ways Exotic Feeder
Exotic feeder
This small star-shaped food dish will dress up any terrarium's decor.
SKU # 5101370
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