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Brightlight SPOT Bulbs
Brightlight SPOT Bulbs
Bulbs simulate natural light to keep birds healthy and enhance their color. 100 Watt Bulb.
Style # 2297066A

Bulbs simulate natural light to keep birds healthy and enhance their color. Full spectrum avian heat lamp simulates sun for basking.

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ESU Reptile Slimline Light Fixture with 18 Super UV Lamp
Esu reptile slimline light fixture super lamp
Pre-assembled light fixture with a Super-UV fluorescent lamp included. It's easy to install and ideal for areas with limited space.
SKU # 5048245
ESU Reptile Red Heat Basking Lamps
Red heat
Invisible to reptiles and does not disturb normal day/night cycles.
SKU # 5036392
ESU Reptile Spot Nightlight Incandescent Lamps
Esu reptile
Simulates the glow of the moon to allow nighttime viewing of your reptile, while offering basking warmth.
SKU # 5016341
Nightlight SPOT
Nightlight spot
Nocturnal black heat lamp simulates glow of moon for basking.
SKU # 5036419
Coralife Aqualight(tm) Power Center(tm)
Power center
A day-night dual timer device that provides complete 24-hour lighting cycles from dawn, noon, dusk and nighttime.
SKU # 5107893
Reptile Lighting & Screen Cover Kit by ESU Reptile&reg
Cover kit esu reptile
Turn a 10-gallon aquarium into an ideal reptile habitat with this kit that includes lighting, screen cover and more.
SKU # 5067711
Coralife Aqualight Digital Power Center
Coralife aqualight digital
A 24-hour day-night alternating timer device.
SKU # 5107829
CORALIFE Pure-Flo II(tm) Premium TFC Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System and Accessories
Coralife pure flo tm
Generates purified water for aquarium use. The unit removes hardness, heavy metals, toxins, and many other tap water impurities.
SKU # 5122528
ESU Reptile Bark Bends
Esu reptile bark bends
Bark Bends are the ideal hiding and basking areas for any reptile.
SKU # 2451082
Ultrasonic Fogger
Ultrasonic fogger
Effectively simulates the mists of the tropical rain forests.
SKU # 5036428
ESU Reptile Basking Stumps
Reptile basking
Basking Stumps provide beautiful basking and hiding areas for the comfort and security of any reptile.
SKU # 5036398
ESU Reptile Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitters
Esu reptile ceramic
Replicates the warm, penetrating rays of the sun.
SKU # 5036488
ESU Reptile Combo-Lights
Combo lights
A combination fluorescent and incandescent light fixture.
SKU # 5036578
ESU Reptile Nightlight Bulbs
Esu reptile nightlight bulbs
Incandescent black heat lamp casts a lunar glow and radiates warmth for resting.
SKU # 2851009
ESU Birdlife Avian Lamps
Birdlife avian
ESU Birdlife Avian Lamps are ruggedly constructed for dependable, long life.
SKU # 5036414
ESU Reptile Heat and Light Dome with Clamp
Heat light
Designed to meet the requirements of reptile incandescent lamps and ceramic infrared heating elements.
SKU # 5036395
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