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Elite Air Diffusers
Elite Air Diffusers
Provide powerful aeration and water agitation.
Style # 2297066A

The ELITE® air diffuser is ideal for adding highlights in any aquarium. Provides powerful aeration and water agitation. Replaces many air stones in common box filters and undergravel riser stems. Simply connect the air diffuser to your airline tubing and place it in desired location. Weight down your air diffuser or simply cover with gravel. Each air diffuser piece measures up to 1.25 inches long x 3/8 inch in diameter. Has inlet to attach to any standard airline tubing available separately. Available in a 3 pack and 6 pack.

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Elite Silicone Airline Tubing By Hagen
Elite silicone
Hagen Silicone Airline Tubing.
SKU # 5099275
Hagen Elite Stingray 15 Filter Cartridges
Hagen elite stingray
Zeo Carb replacement filter inserts for the Elite Stingray Submersible Filter 15.
SKU # 5089889
Elite Aqua Fizzz Square Airstone
Elite aqua fizzz
Aerates, circulates, and decorates aquariums.
SKU # 5099270
Marina Bubble Air
Marina bubble air
Create a healthy and beautiful wall of bubbles in your tank.
SKU # 5068068
Elite Aqua Fizzz Long Airstones
Fizzz long
Aerates, circulates, and decorates aquariums.
SKU # 5099273
Elite Aqua Fizzz Round Airstones
Elite aqua
Aerates, circulates, and decorates aquariums.
SKU # 5099271
Hagen Elite Mini Filter Replacement Sponges
Hagen elite mini filter replacement sponges
2-pack of replacement sponge for the Elite Mini Filter.
SKU # 5088349
Elite Air Pumps by Hagen
Pumps hagen
A silent, powerful, durable pump for all your aquatic aeration needs. One year guarantee.
SKU # 1832780
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