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Large Polly's Window & Shower Perch for Birds
Large Polly's Window & Shower Perch for Birds
All parrots from the tropical rainforest spend half of their active time grooming and bathing and the other half is spent foraging for food. Showers are an important and healthy part of their daily activities. This perch can give your bird back the thrill
Style # 2297066A

For your bird's entertainment, attach a toy on the screw eye. Use in the window Natural sunlight is essential for your bird's health. Your bird enjoys watching outdoor activities or nature viewing. Sunlight brings out the natural beauty of your birds' feathers. Use in the shower Now your shower can be a tropical rain forest. Water is necessary to maintain a healthy coat of feathers. Discover this secret and make your bird's feather shine Use in the car Travel with your feathered friend. Vacation, work, or pleasure, your bird will adore it Use in the mirror, TV, kitchen, or any smooth surface Your bird can identify and interact with his reflection. Spend quality time with your pet Mounting Clean mountain surface and suction cups with alcohol before using. Suction cups may be distorted during shipping; however, the shape will be restored when mounted on clean glass for several hours prior to use. Surfaces other than clean, smooth and non porous may have unpredictable results. For best results apply a small amount of baby oil or petroleum jelly to the rims of the suction cups. Tips for use Shower Don't turn shower on full blast start with a light shower. Adjust the water temperature before you put the bird on the perch should be lukewarm, NEVER HOT. To stop the bird from flying, pull the shower curtain or close the shower door. If the bird attempts to chew up the suction cups, cover them with a wash cloth. To clean your bird's feet and for better grip, use a wet wash cloth for your bird to stand on. Never leave your bird unattended. Window Check window temperature and observe your bird for signs of overheating or cold panting or fluffing. Don't push too hard when mounting the suction cups on glass. Add a toy or rope to the screw eye for entertainment and exercise. Car Use window and door locks if available. Tighten the fold away screw to reduce movement during accelera.

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