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EHEIM aquaball Internal Filter
EHEIM aquaball Internal Filter
Extensible filter structure and innovative design. For fresh or marine water use.
Style # 2297066A

The characteristic spherical head of the new EHEIM internal filter makes it possible with just the flick of a wrist, the desired direction of flow and the optimum angle of slope can be adjusted individually to influence the movement of the surface selectively. In the filter tanks, mechanical/biological water clarification is performed by special foam cartridges. In addition, EHEIM aquaball is fitted with an integrated filter box that contains a separate filter pad for mechanical fine purification. The box can also be used for SUBSTRATpro for intensive biological purification or with EHFIAKTIV for selective adsorbent water treatment. Due to the modular design of the filter, EHEIM aquaball is available in four different versions with a regulated pump output and various filter volumes. All units are supplied with a practical clip fixture. Made in Germany.

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EHEIM InstallationSET
Modular design - suitable for different tank lengths and depths. Hassle free hose maintenance. Simple and safe connection.
SKU # 5073922
EHEIM Ecco Carbon Filter Pads
Ecco carbon filter pads
These filters help absorb particulate matter and ammonia from aquarium fish waste, improving both water clarity and odor, and should be used as the first step in a filtration process.
SKU # 5073788
EHEIM Surface Suction Extractor
Surface extractor
Skims off the protein layer which forms on the aquarium water surface, improving oxygen exchange.
SKU # 5074883
EHEIM Universal Hobby Pumps
Universal hobby
Centrifugal pump suitable for permanent use, both above and below water. For freshwater and saltwater.
SKU # 5074884
EHEIM EHFIMECH Ceramic Pre-Filter Media
Ehfimech ceramic
A coarse mechanical filter material that is to be used as bottom layer filtering.
SKU # 5073928
EHEIM Classic Replacement Coarse Filter Pads - 2 Pk
Classic replacement coarse
Replacement coarse filter pads for EHEIM Classic external filter models 2213, 2215, and 2217.
SKU # 5091621
EHEIM Professional Wet/Dry Canister Filter
Professional wet dry
The EHEIM professionel wet/dry canister filters offer efficiency surpassing that of a trickle filter. For fresh and marine water aquariums. 120 V 60 H.
SKU # 5074872
EHEIM Ecco Coarse Filter Pads
Coarse filter
For 2231, 2233, and 2235 EHEIM external filters.
SKU # 5073787
EHEIM Battery-Operated Sludge Extractor
Sludge extractor
In principle this handy tool functions like a conventional vacuum cleaner: The powerful pump sucks the dirty water from the bottom via the suction jet into the integrated filter element. Here the dirt particles are reliably caught and removed from the wat
SKU # 5074879
EHEIM Professional II with Thermofilter for Saltwater
Professional thermofilter saltwater
These canisters are ideal for filtering large aquariums and provide excellent biological filtration and mechanical filtration. The Professional II is loaded with features to keep your aquarium performing at its best.
SKU # 5073920
EHEIM aquaball Upgrade Kit
Aquaball upgrade kit
Increase your EHEIM Aquaball filter's volume by 140-180 cm. Various filter media possibilities for biological, mechanical and adsorptive filtration.
SKU # 5074877
EHEIM Jager Heater Holder
Jager holder
A double suction cup heater holder that fits all 7/8 diameter models.
SKU # 5103296
EHEIM Suction Starter Device
Suction starter device
Use to start/restart the siphon for any canister filter; draws air out and water in. For all hose sizes.
SKU # 5074906
EHEIM Battery-Operated Automatic Feeder
Battery operated
Even when you are on the go, feel reassured that your fish are being fed.
SKU # 5074881
EHEIM Classic External Canister
Classic external canister
Features include high operating pump output reliability, to protect against overheating; O-ring fixed on the pump head for convenient handling; optimum choice of materials for years of quiet, continuous trouble-free operation. For fresh and marine water a
SKU # 5074874
EHEIM Wide Jet Pipe
Wide pipe
For tubing sizes 9/12 mm and 12/16 mm.
SKU # 5074865
EHEIM Ecco Canister Filters for Saltwater or Freshwater Aquariums
Ecco canister filters saltwater freshwater aquariums
The EHEIM Ecco canister filters offer three stages of long-term filtration (mechanical, chemical, and biological) in an easy-to-set-up package.
SKU # 5073886
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