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Easy Groom Cat Flea Comb
Easy Groom Cat Flea Comb
This comb has very closely spaced teeth designed to comb out any fleas that may be hiding in your cat's coat.
Style # 2297066A

This comb is designed with a curved, soft grip handle and is effective in removing fleas from your cat's coat. The teeth of the comb are placed at a 90 degree angle from the handle which prevents raking the skin and irritation. Be sure your cat's coat is free of mats and tangles before using this comb.

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Easy Groom Cat Nail Clipper
Cat nail clipper
Designed especially for use with cats, to keep nails trimmed to a healthy, comfortable length.
SKU # 5062607
Easy Groom Comb
The prefect grooming tool for daily use.
SKU # 5062608
Easy Groom Cat Soft Slicker
Cat soft slicker
This extra-gentle slicker is designed for cats with sensitive skin and fine, silky coats. Efficiently removes dead hair from the undercoat.
SKU # 5062546
Smart Grip Cat Pin Brush
Smart grip
Used by professional groomers to remove dead, shedding hair. Sturdy wire pins help untangle mats and snarls. You'll like the feel of this toolcurved, shaped, and cushioned to cradle your hand in comfort, give you greater control-so you and your pet c
SKU # 5062602
Easy Groom Cat Shedding Blade
Cat shedding blade
This shedding blade efficiently strips the dead hair from your cat's coat, before it becomes a problem.
SKU # 5062606
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