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Doggie Dooley Pet Waste Disposal Systems
Doggie Dooley Pet Waste Disposal Systems
It's like a miniature septic tank for your dog's waste. Click More details below for a link to the Doggie Dooley FAQ.
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The Doggie Dooley is like a miniature septic tank for your dog's waste. This easy to install system utilizes enzyme and bacteria action to reduce your pet's waste to a ground absorbing liquid. Just dig a hole, drop in the Doggie Dooley, add water and the Digester Powder, and your system is ready to go. System breaks down dog waste using the enzyme and bacteria action in the Waste Terminator Digester Powder. Easy to use system has foot operated lid opener. Non toxic, non caustic and safe for all domestic animals. Harmless to lawns, pets, and shrubs. Controls odors. Helps keep your lawn and play areas clean and sanitary. Small Dooley #3535 Recommended capacity up to 2 small dogs. Doggie Dooley is made from very durable, plastic material. It will not break or crack in cold weather or with normal use. However, the digester powder becomes inactive at 40F and below. When the ground temperature drops below 40F, do not add waste to the unit. Wait until the temperature rises, and follow the start up instructions again. If you have dug deep enough, depending on weather conditions, you may keep using the unit as long as it is digesting. Doggie Dooley recommends adding warm water exclusively in the winter. Includes 8 oz. Waste Terminator Digester Powder refills sold separately. Measures 13.75 W x 10 H. Made in the USA. Doggie Dooley FAQ.

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The Doggie Dooley Pet Waste Disposal System
The pet waste disposal system
The Doggie Dooley is an environmentally approved, safe pet waste disposal system. It works by breaking down dog waste into a ground absorbing liquid using the enzyme and bacteria action in the Waste Terminator Digester Powder. Click More details&quo
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The Almost Indestructible Ball
Indestructible ball
Here's one for the big guys or the tough chewers A hi-impact, polyethylene ball that stands up to the toughest play.
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