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Dentley's Compressed Rawhide Variety Pack
Dentley 039 s Compressed Rawhide Variety Pack
These Variety Packs have plenty of Compressed Rawhide to keep the tough chewers happy. Several shapes per pack.
SKU # 5003592
Dentley's Cow Ears
Dentley 039 s Cow Ears
Delicious, low-fat treat that's ideal for puppies, senior dogs, or dogs who are overweight or less active but still want to enjoy a treat. Made exclusively for PetSmart.
SKU # 5004895
Dentley's Flavored Rawhide Packs
Dentley 039 s Flavored Rawhide Packs
If variety is the spice of life, these Flavor Packs will certainly spice up your dog's rawhide routine. The Donut Rawhide Pack comes with 2 red, 2 white and 2 tan. The Retriever Roll Rawhide Pack comes with 3 white, 2 red and 2 tan.
SKU # 5004894
Dentley's Granulated Flat Sticks
Dentley 039 s Granulated Flat Sticks
Afraid your dog's mouth might be too sensitive for a rawhide chew Don't be. These granulated treats are perfect.
SKU # 5084590
Dentley's Meaty Knuckle Bones
Dentley 039 s Meaty Knuckle Bones
If you've got a large dog or an aggressive chewer these are the bones you've looking for.
SKU # 5112889
Dentley's Mini Rawhide Bones
Dentley 039 s Mini Rawhide Bones
Premium rawhide bones for smaller-sized mouths.
SKU # 5095118
Dentley's Multi-Flavor Rawhide Chewflips
Dentley 039 s Multi Flavor Rawhide Chewflips
One-pound of regular, fun-to-chew multi-flavored rawhide chewflips.
SKU # 5074771
Dentley's Munchy Granulated Rawhide Sticks
Dentley 039 s Munchy Granulated Rawhide Sticks
No more worrying about rawhide and your soft chewer. These were made just for them. Get crazy .
SKU # 1611775
Dentley's Munchy Rawhide Sticks
Dentley 039 s Munchy Rawhide Sticks
When your dog lays his eyes on this BIG bag of munchy rawhide sticks, he'll wish he knew how to use a pair of scissors.
SKU # 5005053
Dentley's Natural Beef Hooves Value Pack
Dentley 039 s Natural Beef Hooves Value Pack
Stock up on natural beef hooves with a value pack Durable, strong beef hooves are ideal for aggressive or strong chewers.
SKU # 5019015
Dentley's Natural Choobles Sterilized Bones
Dentley 039 s Natural Choobles Sterilized Bones
Dentley's Sterilized Flavor Filled Bones are a great way to get your dog's teeth some excercise and make sure they form sound chewing habits.
SKU # 5009649
Dentley's Natural Compressed Rawhide
Dentley 039 s Natural Compressed Rawhide
Stock up on your dog's favorite pressed rawhide shapes and flavors.
SKU # 5063793
Dentley's Natural Ligament Chew Strips
Dentley 039 s Natural Ligament Chew Strips
If your lil' pup can chew though other rawhides like nobody's business, ligament chew sticks are for you These sticks are extra tough and durable enough to keep even the most determined chewer busy all day long .
SKU # 5084594
Dentley's Natural Munchy Rawhide Sticks
Dentley 039 s Natural Munchy Rawhide Sticks
When your dog lays his eyes on this bag of munchy rawhide sticks, he'll wish he knew how to use a pair of scissors.
SKU # 1611763
Dentley's Natural Smoked Beef Ribs
Dentley 039 s Natural Smoked Beef Ribs
Meaty, natural smoked beef rib bones will satisfy even the pickiest dog's urge to chew .
SKU # 5112943
Dentley's Peanut Butter Basted Rawhide Braids
Dentley 039 s Peanut Butter Basted Rawhide Braids
Tail wagging. Sad eyes. Maybe a little dance. Things you might see after your dog has finished a phenomenal tasting braid.
SKU # 5127275
Dentley's Pork Femur Bone Value Pack
Dentley 039 s Pork Femur Bone Value Pack
Your dog can really dig into these bones .
SKU # 5112963
Dentley's Premium Basted Rawhide
Dentley 039 s Premium Basted Rawhide
Premium quality beef hide with delicious flavors basted right in are a special treat for your favorite pooch. Made exclusively for PetSmart.
SKU # 1611730
Dentley's Premium Natural Rawhide Twists
Dentley 039 s Premium Natural Rawhide Twists
For the rawhide purist, nothing beats the big, beefy taste of Dentley's Premium Natural Rawhide.
SKU # 1611731
Dentley's Rawhide Basted Bones
Dentley 039 s Rawhide Basted Bones
Who wants a big bone Do you want a big bone Who's a good boy Who's my good boy You are Yes, you are Sit.
SKU # 5127239
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