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CritterTrail Deluxe Water Bottle
CritterTrail Deluxe Water Bottle
CritterTrail Deluxe Water Bottle 5 OZ.
Style # 2297066A

Durable, royal blue plastic water bottle for your little critter's drinking needs. Drip resistant, spring loaded spout reduces worries on spillage of liquids into pets abode. Fits CritterTrail X, CT One, CT Two, CT Three, CT Classic, and CT mini Two Cages. Make sure to provide your furry friends with fresh, clean water daily. Holds 5 fl. oz.

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Super Pet&reg CritterTrail&reg Expansion Kit 2
Super pet amp
Fun and colorful design keeps your small pet entertained by adding new and different places to play and hide.
SKU # 5112709
Super Pet? CritterTrail? Turn-About
Turn about
Creates a unique exercise accessory that orbits in one place.
SKU # 5112714
Super Pet CritterTrail Fun-nels Tee
Super pet
Create a huge CritterTrail playground with additional, colorful accessories for endless hours of critter fun. All accessories adapt to other tubular hamster units.
SKU # 1851911
Super Pet CritterTrail PINK
Super pink
An all pink activity home for small pets. 5.6 x 16 x 11 .
SKU # 5112846
Super Pet&reg Fun-nels Large Value Pack
Super pet amp reg
Super Pet Fun-nels Large Value Pack.
SKU # 5056856
Super Pet CritterTrail Three
Super three
CritterTrail Three, 16 L x 10.5 W x 22.5 H.
SKU # 5014478
Super Pet CritterTrail X Hamster Home
Hamster home
The next generation in small pet homes. Offers loads of cool new features, including parts of the home that glow in the dark .
SKU # 5065751
CritterTrail Playpen
The connectable playtime pen for hamsters or gerbils Includes protective mat and optional passageway connector connecting directly to any CritterTrail Home.
SKU # 5112965
Super Pet CritterTrail One
Super pet
CritterTrail One, 16L x 10.5 W x 11 H .
SKU # 5011233
Super Pet? CritterTrail? Fun-nels Small Value Pack
Super pet fun
Critter Trail Fun-nels Value Pack - Elbow Tubes.
SKU # 1851913
Super Pet CritterTrail Puzzle Playgrounds
Puzzle playgrounds
Critter Trail Puzzle Playground 42 Piece.
SKU # 5035249
Super Pet CritterTrail Two
Pet two
Brightly colored critter cage includes everything you need to welcome your critter home. This uniquely designed home features a petting zone on top and a safe and silent exercise wheel for endless hours of exercise and exploration.
SKU # 5014479
Super Pet CritterTrail Outlook Small Pet Home
Super pet outlook small pet home
Super Pet CritterTrail Outlook Small Pet Home.
SKU # 5088408
Super Pet CritterTrail DAZZLE
Super pet
The complete critter home that sparkles. Perfect habitat for hamsters, gerbils or mice.
SKU # 5112075
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