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Creative Pet Products Oral Medicine Dispenser
Creative Pet Products Oral Medicine Dispenser
Created by a veterinarian, these oral dispensers make it easy to administer liquid medication and supplements to your pet.
Style # 2297066A

Eliminate the hit or miss oral feeding and medicating of pets. Oral Meds is a simple instrument, comparable to basic medicine dropper or pipet, developed by a veterinarian to easily administer liquid medicine and supplements to small and large pets. Instructions for Use 1. To fill the Oral Meds applicator with liquid insert tip of applicator into liquid, squeeze bulb and release. This will suck liquid in. 2. To open your pet's mouth, place your free hand over the top of its head. Using your thumb and middle finger, apply pressure to each side of the head at the point where the jaws hinge. As the mouth opens, insert the Oral Meds applicator over the tongue and to the back of the mouth. Quickly squeeze the bulb to dispense liquid. Rinse with water and allow to dry after use. Made in the USA.

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