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Creative Pet Products First Aid Kits for Dogs
Creative Pet Products First Aid Kits for Dogs
A must have for every dog owner, these first aid kits created specifically for dogs contain everything you need in an emergency. Available in two varieties Bow Ow First Aid Kit for all dogs and Sporting Dog First Aid Kit for outdoor dogs.
Style # 2297066A

The first of its kind, these essential first aid kits for dogs were created at the request of veterinarians. Packed inside a rugged, water resistant bag are the necessary tools to handle emergency situations. Plus, with your purchase you'll receive a lifetime membership to the Roam to Home Pet Return Program. If your pet gets lost anywhere in the United States or Canada, Roam to Home and the Homeless Pets Foundation will connect your pet to immediate help and notify you when your pet is found. Two kits are available; one for all dogs and one for sporting dogs. Bow Ow First Aid Kit for all dogs is perfect for at home, in the field or on the road and is a must have for every dog owner. The First Aid Kit for sporting dogs is ideal for hunting/sporting dogs or dogs that are out in the wild. The sporting dog kit is perfect for the hunt, field trails, competition or in the field. Bow Ow First Aid Kit includes Lifetime Membership to the Roam to Home Pet Return Program, 60 Page Pet First Aid Book, Blue Heavy Duty Water Resistant Bag, Cold Pack, Vinyl Gloves, Splint Material, Gauze Dressing 2 x 2 and 4 x 4 , Stretch Gauze Roll, Triple Antibiotic Ointment, Hydrocortisone Cream, Tweezers, Scissors, Antiseptic Wipes, Cotton Balls, Styptic Pencil, 2 Elastic Bandage, 1/2 Adhesive Tape, 3 Cotton Swabs, Stickers For Vet & Emergency Numbers, Pet Alert Door Card. First Aid Kit for Sporting Dogs includes Lifetime Membership to the Roam to Home Pet Return Program, Pet Credentials Book, First Aid Book for Dogs, Green Heavy Duty Water Resistant Bag, Skin Staple Gun, Cold Pack 6 x 9 , Hydrogen Peroxide, Eye Wash, Styptic Pencil, Thermometer w/ Case, 2 Flexible Cohesive Wrap, Alcohol Prep Pads, Gauze Pads 4 x 4 , 3 Ply Towels, Iodine Solution, Saline Solution, Stainless Steel Scissors, Stainless Steel Forceps, Surgical Scrub Brush, Syringe 10cc , Hydrocortisone Cream, Triple Antibiotic Ointment, 3 Cotton Swabs, Cotton Ba.

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Creative Pet Products Oral Medicine Dispenser
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Created by a veterinarian, these oral dispensers make it easy to administer liquid medication and supplements to your pet.
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