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Crabworx Drinking Pool Ornament for Hermit Crabs
Crabworx Drinking Pool Ornament for Hermit Crabs
Drinking area for land Hermit Crabs. Prevents drinking sponges from quickly drying out.
Style # 2297066A

Let your hermit crab sit pool side and enjoy some refreshing water. This decorative water dish features a palm tree and diving board to complete a scene of rest and relaxation that's perfect for any hermit crab home. The Crabwork Drinking Pool is an ideal way to ensure that your crabs have easy access to ample amounts of drinking water. Simply place one or two drinking sponges in the pool then add de chlorinated fresh drinking water until a small amount of water remains in the pool. Drinking Pool and sponges should be cleaned daily. Dimensions 7 L x 4.5 W pool area is 2.75 W x 4.5 L x 1 D. Made in the USA.

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Crabworx Hammock Ornament
Hammock ornament
Amp up your pet's home with this decorative hammock nestled between two coconut trees The small island beach that they are set upon is decorated with shells and starfish. This ornament will make you wish you could take a stroll through your crab
SKU # 5123306
Crabworx Hotel Ornament for Hermit Crabs
Hotel ornament hermit crabs
An appealing daytime hideaway for hermit crabs, designed to provide a secure resting zone out of the light.
SKU # 5123307
Crabworx Hermit Crab Health Block
Hermit crab
Provide your hermit crab with essential vitamins and much needed calcium to support a strong, healthy carapace.
SKU # 5123312
Crabworx Small Shells - 3-Pack
Shells pack
Crabworx Shells provide a new home for your growing Hermit Crab.
SKU # 5123309
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